ChatGPT Is Competing With Google — OpenAI Bot Answered

These days, open AI (ChatGPT) is in trend and it’s transforming business, human work, and our journey as writers in many ways.

I asked some popular questions on ChatGPT and let’s see what It has to say.

Q1. Why google is taking chatGPT as a competitor?

As both GPT and GLM are open-source, they are being used by many researchers, developers, and companies to improve the performance of their own NLP models.

In the industry, companies like Google might see GPT as a potential competitor, as it could be used to improve the performance of other companies NLP-based products, but it is important to keep in mind that GPT and GLM are tools, not competitors.

Q2. ChatGPT can replace human Writers?
GPT, as a language generation model, can generate human-like text based on the input it receives, but it is not capable of replacing human writers.

While GPT can generate coherent and fluent sentences, it lacks the creativity, critical thinking, and cultural context that humans bring to writing.

GPT can be used as a tool to assist human writers in tasks such as proofreading, idea generation, and content creation, but it cannot replace the human element that is essential to writing.

Additionally, GPT is not able to understand the nuances and emotions that are needed to create a good piece of writing.

It also lacks the ability to understand and convey the cultural context that is so important in writing. A human writer can bring a personal touch and a unique perspective to their writing that GPT cannot replicate.

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Q4. ChatGPT can write SEO-optimized articles to rank on Google.
GPT-3 can generate text that is similar to text written by a human, it can be used to write SEO-optimized articles. However, it’s important to note that GPT-3 is not specifically designed to write SEO-optimized content.

It does not have knowledge about how search engines work and what is needed to rank well on Google.

It can generate text that includes keywords and phrases that you provide, but it will not understand the nuances of SEO, such as keyword density, meta tags, and backlinks.

Additionally, GPT-3 can’t understand the intent behind the search queries and the context of the content. It also can’t understand the user’s search intent and provide the most relevant content.

Q5. How long ChatGPT will remain free to use?
I am an AI model and I do not have the ability to know the future plans of OpenAI. As of my knowledge cutoff, GPT-3 is available for use through OpenAI’s API which is a paid service.

The pricing and availability of GPT-3 may change in the future as OpenAI continues to develop and improve the model.

It is best to check OpenAI’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on the availability and pricing of GPT-3.

GhatGPT is better in many ways but ultimately it’s a tool meant for human writers to help them make their work and life easy.

It’s not going to replace anyone as long as you a creative.

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