Charging Your Electric Car

There has been a big push in recent years for car makers to create electric cars that are better quality and more practical to use. The result has seen some great options come onto the market so that people wanting the option can move from petrol or hybrids to fully electric cars. The increase in places that have an electric vehicle charging station installation means that people are more able to do more than short journeys, there are more and more charging stations around for people to use. Not only do you save a lot of money on petrol since you no longer need it, but this option is also a lot better for the environment as electric cars have no emissions. Here is some information to help you understand what the charging process is like.

What do you need to charge your car at home?

When you are looking at dealerships and exploring your options to get a new electric car you will need to use an electrician to inspect your electrical system to make sure it is suitable to meet your charging needs. This means having someone with experience and expertise perform an electric vehicle charging station installation. This is a much faster option to charge your car but it can only be installed by a licensed electrician. They can also make sure your charging outlet is put on a dedicated circuit so you do not have issues of overloading when you use it.

Be safe

It is very important that anything you do with the charging station is done with care, and any work is done by a professional with knowledge of electric vehicle charging stations Sydney. It is working with power and that needs a license and training. Avoid clutter around the station and do not leave greasy rags near it.

Travelling by electric car

A huge factor in whether someone invests in an electric car is how far they usually need to travel, since an electric car is limited by how far it can go on one charge. If you tend to stay pretty close to home it’s not a problem as you can just have a station installed at home and charge there in between trips. If you are in an area with plenty of charging stations around you also do not have to worry too much. But if you travel far by car, perhaps going into more rural areas, then you need to plan more than you would with a hybrid of petrol based car. You can go anywhere between 64km up to 160km on one charge depending on the car.


If you decide you still want an electric car then you need to think about how you will charge it too. As well as investigating electric vehicle charging stations Sydney and anywhere else you plan to travel to, have a home station installed so you can have it charged safely and efficiently when it is not in use.