Can you charge an Elf Bar vape with a Mobile charger?

How do you know if you’ve got a rechargeable vape Elf bar vape?

First, if your aroma king vape has a USB port, it is rechargeable. The aroma king 7000 and the aroma king 3500 come with rechargeable batteries. However, the basic Elf bar 1500 doesn’t have a chargeable battery.

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Charging Cable

For Aroma King vape:

You can use any USB-C cable with an Elf Bar charger. Remember you should only charge an Elf bar by connecting it to your computer system.

Do not charge an Elf Bar with the high-speed USB-C charger; such chargers are made for laptops, mobile and tablets.

If you use a high-wattage wall adapter, you might end up heating the Elf Bar to overheat. Please take caution and disconnect your device immediately if it feels overheated.

Charging Duration

Most of the rechargeable Elf Bar vapes come with similar battery specs, 650 mAh.

These batteries take about an hour or two to charge completely, with products with the exact battery specifications, including Elf bar TE5000. BC 5000, LB 5000, BC3000, BB3000, and the BB3500 devices.

The elux legend 3500 puffs and aroma king 3500 come with 1500 mAh batteries.

For all of the disposable vape devices, the battery capacity is sufficient to support the devices.

Charging Cable and Chargers

Most Elf Bar chargers are USB Type-C.

The Elf bar is suitable and compatible with slow-charging chargers, mostly of 5V. Always ensure your charging device is fully compatible with the Elf bar’s battery.

If the amperage is not right, the wrong chargers might end up burning your device or may even leave the battery not fully charged.

The right choice for Elf bar devices can be your mobile power or your PC / laptop; even your iPad or Tablet would do, given your data cable is connectable to the iPad.

Charging an Elf Bar Without USB Port

You cannot recharge an Elf bar if it doesn’t come with a USB port.

If you browse online, plenty of video tutorials show how you can recharge your disposable vape devices, which are not made to recharge. However, it is highly advised not to do this for two primary reasons.

Disposable vapes do not come with charging circuits, therefore do not know when the battery is fully charged. This is why these devices will keep charging, which can get hazardous. If it gets overcharged, a lithium-ion battery might turn chemically unstable, get overheated, and catch fire.

Secondly, charging the disposable vapes that are meant to be recharged won’t be of any use. By the time the battery is discharged the first time, the device would probably have run out of E-liquid.

Again, it is possible to re-add the e-liquid in a disposable vape; however, at this point, this will be a lot of work that you will be undertaking. You will be happier and more relaxed if you buy another disposable device or use a refillable and rechargeable vape kit instead.


The disposable devices are meant for one-time use and often should be thrown safely in favour of new ones.

However, some do come with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged safely for extended use. If is best to invest in safer devices and use them for their intended purpose for a relaxing and safe vaping experience.