Character Names: 19 Methods and Tips for Naming Characters Step-by-Step


Your character names can change the discernment perusers have of your book and story. 


All things considered… character names are really a particular scholarly gadget you can utilize most guilefully. 


Also, on the off chance that you need perusers to cherish, worship, and care for your primary character, giving them the best and most noteworthy name can have a significant effect. 


Utilize these strategies for naming characters in your book: 


Utilizing child name sites 


The Root-Meaning strategy 


Blend character naming strategy 


The Add-on strategy 


Grow First naming strategy 


Making character names up without any preparation 


Naming-by-period strategy 


Utilizing like genuine names 


11 hints for getting character names right 


Naming Characters Intentionally: Why Character Names Matter 


Character names have the ability to change your peruser’s view of your character totally. 


How about we utilize the case of names from How to Train Your Dragon, the vivified film. 


Character name model: Hiccup 


Why this character name matters: This name is amazingly fitting to the kind of character Hiccup is. The purpose behind a senseless, “feeble” name like this is on the grounds that that is the thing that the makers need you to consider when you hear the name. They need you to have low desires with the goal that when this character transcends, the enthusiastic effect is far more prominent than if he had a normal “legend” name. 


You can utilize this equivalent philosophy for miscreants. One specifically with an acclaimed name is from Harry Potter. 


Character name model: Lord Voldemort 


Why this character name matters: From the start, Rowling made this name to be premonition. Indeed, this character himself picked the name therefore. As the creator, you can make your reprobate’s name dependent on your goals. In the event that you need perusers to belittle them, pick a senseless name like Bob. In any case, in the event that you need perusers to fear the fierceness of your miscreant, pick an all the more fitting name like Lord Voldemort. 


Character Name Generators 


In case you’re searching for the path of least resistance and would prefer another person accomplish the work in naming your characters, there are devices online for that. 


Here are a portion of the top character name generators: 


Character Name Generator – This one permits you to fill in a few distinctive characterizing factors to create a character name that accommodates your character best. 


Dream Name Generator – Are you composing a dream novel and need some character name thoughts? This generator offers a few unique choices for subject based character names for your dream book. 


Name Generator for Fun – With this one, you can browse a few classifications, similar to scoundrel names, rap names, hero names, and that’s just the beginning. 


Name Generator – This personality generator additionally gives you choices to limit in on insights regarding your character for an all the more fitting name. In any case, this one has more genuine names than remarkably made, so it might serve better in case you’re writing in the contemporary book sort. 


Essayist’s Character Name Generator – While arbitrary, this one may simply permit you to discover your next primary character’s name. 


The most effective method to Come Up With Character Names 


Naming your characters is truly outstanding and most frightening pieces of composing a novel. 


Utilizing one of these strategies will help facilitate the cycle while giving better eventual outcomes. 


#1 – Baby Name Websites 


One of the most famous strategies for thinking of new character names is to imagine they’re your child… in a real sense! 


Child naming sites have been serving up characer names for authors for quite a long time. 


Periodically, these sites much offer name implications, moving names, and even names that were mainstream doing various years. 


Here are some incredible child name sites to find your characters’ names: 




Child Name Wizard 


Child Name Center 




Child Names 


Chatter Baby Names 


#2 – Root-Meaning Method 


Welcome to the most widely recognized, reliable technique to name characters in books. 


Individuals utilize this strategy, all things considered, to name their kids, as well! 


The root-meaning technique essentially alludes to utilizing a center importance or conviction or even cause of a name for imagery in your book. 


Here are a few instances of this: 


Tobias Kaya in The Savior’s Champion: His name signifies “goodness” and is particularly intended to line up with who his character is and his function in the arrangement. 


Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings: Little do a great many people know, the name Frodo started from the early English word “fród,” which means “savvy by experience.” 


Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games: This book’s writer truly paid attention to the name meaning while creating her primary character. Katniss is a plant in the variety Sagittaria, which generally interprets from Latin as “bowman.” 


You can without much of a stretch discover the implications of names by daring to child naming sites. You can likewise type in a name you like to Google and it will generally spring up. 


#3 – The Mash-Up 


One of my undisputed top choice methods of making new names is to just pound genuine names together until I discover something that is genuine sounding yet additionally extraordinary to my reality and characters. 


This technique for concocting character names is preferred educated through observing over a straightforward clarification: 


Josh and Riley = Joley, Jile, Rosh, Rishe 


Casey and Michael = Cachel, Cachael, Casel, Misey, Miche, Michey, Masey 


Emily and Rochelle = Emelle, Echelle, Romil, Romily, Rochil, Rocily 


Clearly, a few blends will be superior to other people, yet this is a speedy method to produce new yet practical character names. 


Here’s the bit by bit breakdown for how to make basic character names with this strategy: 


Pick or discover 2 genuine names 


Match them next to each other 


Take the principal half of the main name and blend and mach it with the last 50% of the subsequent name 


Rehash stage 3 however the other way around 


You ought to have a rundown of a few diverse sounding names 


Pick a couple to keep that you like 


Rehash this cycle with a few sets until you have a program of character names to look over 


#4 – The Add-On 


This strategy is excessively like the past technique yet with more opportunity. 


This is another undisputed top choice and how I figure out how to concoct cool and intriguing names that are additionally exceptional to my story. 


Rather than taking two names and coordinating the start of one with the finish of the other, basically pick genuine names and trade out the endings or extra to them totally. 


This is what this resembles… 


Rebecca = Rebera, Rebilla, Rebyr, Rebine, Reborra 


Taylor = Tayr, Tayora, Tayrin, Taysila, Tayserra 


Cory = Corrin, Corel, Coreesa, Coryn, Corros, Cortsa, Corta 


John = Johva, Johrrin, Johk, Johrey 


The means for this one are pretty self-evident. Pick an irregular genuine name and just trade out the endings for a blend you make all alone. 


I generally attempt to do differing blends, recollecting that twofold consonants function admirably, as does changing the length of the vowel sounds by adding or changing those letters. 


I do this frequently and keep a bookkeeping page with names I like 


#5 – Develop-First Naming 


At times picking a character’s name too soon will make you subliminally form that character into somebody who fits that name. 


This can be terrible in the event that you need that particular character to act and act with a specific goal in mind. 


With this character naming strategy, you will build up your character in full first and afterward pick their name. The explanation behind this is to guarantee you’ll compose that character with expectation. 


For instance: in the Harry Potter arrangement, the mind-set will in general be more genuine. Rowling made Ron Weasley as comedic help. While Ron is significantly more than that, the goal is still for him to be a ridiculous, clever character. 


The name “Ron Weasley” underpins this turn of events. 


Had she named him a more genuine name like Reginald, Theodore, or Christopher, creating those scenes may have been totally different. 


The equivalent can be said for another character called Draco Malfoy. This name is unquestionably more dim than it is clever, which is fitting for his character. 


The means for this character naming strategy are straightforward: 


Download and round out this character advancement worksheet. 


Comprehend your character’s function in the story. Do you need them to be not kidding, amusing, senseless, premonition? 


Rundown names that cause you to feel the method of your goals. 


Request that companion and family mention to you what each name makes them consider character insightful. 


Limited down your decisions to 3 and ask another gathering. 


Choose the best-fitting name. 


#6 – Make Them Up 


In the event that you need to have 100% interesting character names (like Lhonniadreah, a character in the book I’m composing, Lhonni for short), you must get imaginative. 


Be that as it may, you’re an essayist, so you realize how to get imaginative. 


This specific strategy doesn’t have numerous standards. 


Basically, you can essentially concoct an arbitrary name. Maybe you have a base or a starting that you like. 


For instance, my full unique name for the character referenced above was Lhonni. Yet, I felt her character required a more extended name to fit with the customary style of the names in her way of life. 


Besides, I chose to pull from the normal letter coordinate ups this culture sees regularly. For this situation, the mixes of the “dr” sound with long vowels is well known. 


I proceeded to make a few blends of likely complete names: 










At last, the name I picked best fit her as a character, and I chose a while later that her mom’s name would be “Dreah,” so her name is a namesake that is in like manner design for the way of life I made. 


Here’s the means by which you can reproduce this cycle: 


Record a sound or start or end of a name you like (this can be a “- ly” finishing, an “debris ” starting, or even a “- eer-” center of a name. 


Choose if you need the name to hold any huge significance the manner in which mine does. This doesn’t need to be a similar importance. You can even discover base words in English or Latin to utilize. Some time we Do not remember our pin code that time we also use this types of online tool like Pincode of my location .