We have all heard of athletes who suffered career ending injuries and who become addicted to painkillers. In today’s world there are better alternatives.

Fender’s Blue Hemp was founded by Aaron Williams, alongside his life partner Mackenzie, who discovered the power of hemp throughout his healing journey. Aaron made it his mission to share with others how cannabinoids, such as CBD, have helped him recover.

As a collegiate football player, Aaron suffered many injuries and multiple surgeries that resulted in daily severe chronic pain. Searching for something to relieve his discomfort, he discovered hemp products that contain a high quantity of CBD and other cannabinoids to relieve some of his pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Aaron loved that CBD products came without any negative side effects that he often felt with stronger pain relievers. Aaron knew that if he could produce the products he was looking for, he could help others in his position, such as other former athletes and members of his family, specifically his mother, Jennifer, who suffers from a number of rare health conditions.

The Williams family dove head-first into the hemp industry, starting an 8-acre farm in Philomath, Oregon. Farmed by renowned veteran USDA Organic growers Dai Crisp and PK McCoy, who operate Lumos Wine Co., Fender’s Blue Hemphas undergone and achieved the same rigorous standard, which allowed the farm to be one of the first certified organic hemp farms in the country. Additionally, all hemp products are certified vegan by Vegan Action, ensuring that our products are free of animal products, animal testing, and animal GMOs.

Decorating the hillside just above the farm is the Kincaid’s Lupine, a native Oregon flower that serves as a host plant for Fender’s Blue butterflies. The farm is named after these beautiful, endangered butterflies that Dai, PK, and their neighbors have been committed to preserving in concert with the phenomenal work of the Institute for Applied Ecology in Corvallis, Oregon. One of the goals of Fender’s Blue Hemp is to help continue this legacy of ecological stewardship.”

The company is announcing two new products:

1. The new Fender’s Blue Hemp Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops are vegan and USDA organic drops that are both good for you and good for the planet. The Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops only contain two ingredients, USDA Organic MCT Oil and USDA Organic Hemp Extract. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is a trusted therapy for natural pain relief from physical and mental conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, mood swings, menstrual cramps, and more.

2. Fender’s Blue Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains only two ingredients: USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and USDA Organic Hemp Extract. This bold olive oil is a robust and well-balanced oil featuring grassy, nutty green notes with a bold, spicy, peppery finish. Fender’s Blue Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend is designed to be used as a finishing oil for soup, salad, or pasta, or to be used for dipping with crackers, bread, or other appetizers. This olive oil provides another way to incorporate cannabinoids into a daily wellness routine.