Chalonne Apple Watch Bands for Women: Luxury Combined with Global Social Impact

If you love technology and being connected, by now, you have likely purchased a smartwatch. However, even the biggest tech enthusiasts still want to express their personal style and individuality – to stand out from the crowd. That is why Chalonne, the maker of bespoke, luxury Apple Watch bands for women, is making such a stir: it is offering a unique and luxurious way to personalize your Apple Watch.

Chalonne, founded by CEO Carlye Morgan, has rapidly filled a major niche in a
smartwatch industry that is projected to reach almost $100B in sales by 2025 and in a luxury goods market that will hit nearly $400B by 2025. Chalonne is the only company to incorporate solid 14k gold, diamonds, gemstones, along with premium calfskin leathers and even shearling and pony hair into its designs.

Carlye states, “I’m very proud that since 2019, Chalonne has been delivering the finest Apple Watch bands on the market. No other brand offers such a luxurious way to express individuality and style. With our freshwater pearls, rich leathers, diamonds, and 14K gold, you will find a band that suits you, whether you are putting together a sophisticated look for a cocktail party or just a casual everyday style.”

The Story of Chalonne

The inspiration for Chalonne emerged organically when Ms. Morgan purchased her first Apple Watch a few years ago.“When I bought my first Apple Watch, I immediately loved the tech and having easy access to apps, however, I disliked the silicone band it came with,” Carlye says. “I did some research and couldn’t find any high-quality Apple Watch bands out there. I didn’t want to sacrifice my personal style to sport the latest tech, and I knew other women must have felt the same way. I had been wanting to start my own business for a while and I had so many design ideas. So I decided to solve the problem myself.”

Chalonne’s goal is to create stylish, luxury Apple Watch bands by focusing on original design, the highest quality materials, and artisan craftsmanship. “We want to offer our customers a premium option that can be easily switched out on a daily basis depending on the occasion and your personal style.”

Apple Watch Bands with Style

Carlye explains that Chalonne’s collection of luxurious Apple Watch bands offers an elegant way to express individuality and style every day. “One thing that makes us unique is the attention we give to the creation process,” she says. “All our bands are designed in Bel-Air, California, and meticulously crafted by artisans in France.” Once a design is ready, a dedicated team of skilled artisans gets to work, handcrafting each band. “That is my favorite part of the process: watching my designs become a reality and also knowing the attention to detail and care that goes into creating every band.”

Carlye states that it was important to ensure the jewelry would withstand daily use. “No matter how beautiful a watch band may be, it needs to be functional, so we did extensive research to develop a technology to lock the jewels inside the lining of the band, which ensures stability while maintaining suppleness and comfort.”

One of the biggest initial challenges was finding the right manufacturer in Europe. Chalonne bands are designed with an uncompromising commitment to quality and luxury, and there are not many manufacturers who can live up to that. After an extensive search, Chalonne found the perfect partner in France with 65 years of expertise and artisanal heritage. “They were incredibly enthusiastic and supportive of the Collection from the start. It was clear they could deliver a superb product which was paramount, but they have also been amazing collaborators, working with me to achieve the quality and aesthetic that Chalonne requires.”

The Calafate by Chalonne
Iolite cabochons set in 14k yellow gold flowers on navy Nappa calfskin leather

About Chalonne’s CEO and Founder, Carlye Morgan

Carlye is a passionate world traveler and has traveled abroad in Europe, including in France and Italy. After studying art history at the University of Pennsylvania, she spent a semester abroad in Rome to study Renaissance and Baroque art. She says that her passion for travel and art has inspired her designs.

“Each design is a metaphor of my personal experiences through travel.” she says. Evoking pristine beaches, the scent of dried grass, Venetian architecture or the relentless desert sun, all of Chalonne’s designs are imbued with a sense of time and place. “Specific moments in my travels, throughout my life, have such a visceral quality to them that my designs simply become an expression of those experiences.”

The Mojave by Chalonne
Genuine lizard leather coated with rose gold pink metallic ink

While Carlye is focused on making Chalonne a household name, she is equally determined to use the company to empower women. “Having worked in the corporate world for many years, I spent a lot of time thinking about Chalonne’s culture, and I decided to make female empowerment an integral part of Chalonne’s DNA. My ideal is for Chalonne to help empower women and support them in ways that truly make a difference in their lives. From personal experiences, I knew that I wanted to start with breast cancer research. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer deaths. To support finding a cure for breast cancer, Chalonne donates 4% of all retail sales on to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

Most recently, in support of Ukrainians who are displaced from their homes because of the Russian invasion, Chalonne has recently announced that it will be donating 100% of its profits for the month of April 2022 to World Central Kitchen (WCK).

“I was appalled by the devastation unleashed on innocent civilians,” says Carlye. “After seeing images of empty baby strollers on train platforms, left by fleeing mothers who were desperate to protect their children, I could not stand aside and do nothing. WCK, founded by international chef José Andrés, is doing incredible work to help feed refugees in five countries. Our contribution will help WCK’s recently established kitchen in Poland as well as multiple Ukrainian food warehouses that are distributing bulk food products to supplement the strained food supply chain.”

Chalonne will continue its commitment to humanitarian efforts as it leads the luxury accessories market. “We measure our success on how much we do for others,” Carlye says. “This is embedded in the DNA of our company, and we will continue to give back, whether it’s by supporting women’s causes or by helping families in their time of need.”

The Sedona in brown by Chalonne
Premium brown Nappa calfskin leather with signature stitching detail

About Chalonne:

Welcome to the new luxury. Chalonne luxury Apple Watch® bands are hand-crafted in France with the finest leathers, gemstones, 14k solid gold and sublime craftsmanship. At the heart of the brand’s commitment to giving back. For every band sold, Chalonne donates 4% of the purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Chalonne luxury Apple Watch bands are compatible with all series 1-7 and sizes 38mm – 41mm and 42mm – 45mm. For more information or to enjoy a Chalonne band visit or follow the brand socially via

About Carlye Morgan:

CEO and designer Carlye Morgan founded Chalonne in her mission to evoke artistic expression in a technological market. Her wanderlust has allowed for visionary inspiration while studying abroad in Rome, as well as her years of experience drawing and painting. Each band is a metaphor of her personal experiences through travel. All of her designs are imbued with a sense of time and place, starting with the locale of inspiration, to the design in Los Angeles, to the artisan craftsmanship in France.

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