Chai Latte Tips and Tricks – A Beginner’s Guide to Making Sticky Chai

Winter is well on its way. Warm your cockles with a spiced, smooth, sweet cup of all-regular goodness from the natural Sticky Chai! This amazingly nutritious and delectable hot beverage is all you need to keep yourself warm and active throughout the day.

One cupful of Sticky Chai’s seriously spiced blend and you’ll never again long for chai lattes dependent on wiped out sweet concentrate poured from plastic containers. You can browse through online suppliers dealing in wholesale sticky chai made from natural ingredients.

It’s from a similar tree, same manor, same natural home – the black tea sourced from India’s southern Nilgiri mountains and which frames the chai’s base. Newly ground clove, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, black pepper, cardamom, and fennel seed, include layers of warmth and a strong kick. It’s a popular masala chai variant. The best flavors for that are developed in India, they’ve been developed there for a considerable length of time. Chai is something you need to make without any preparation instead of simply source. Raw ironbark honey from northern New South Wales is the last component, loaning the blend a profundity of pleasantness and going about as a characteristic additive. The traditional people make it by hand and don’t make a great deal of it. That is the reason it’s an acceptable and unassuming activity.

To draw out the best of these perplexing flavors, treat your sticky chai blend in with care and stew it delicately with your preferred milk. For those thinking does chai latte have caffeine, no it doesn’t! So you can enjoy a couple of cups throughout the day without worrying about your caffeine intake.

That is one reason why chai is preferred so widely as an alternative to caffeinated beverages all over the world.

Here’s a bit by bit guide for preparing a definitive sticky chai. Save this one convenient for the cooler months and enjoy!


1. Required Ingredients


  • 3 tablespoons of Sticky Chai unique chai blend. You can shop for amazing varieties of sticky chai available at an online tea shop or in your local store.


  • 100ml tap water


  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • 200ml of cow, soy, or almond milk

2. How to Make Sticky Chai


  • In a little pan, add the Sticky Chai blend to the tap water. Delicately bring the mix to a boil and stew for 2 minutes while blending continuously.


  • It’s time to add one tbsp honey. You can include so a lot or as meagre as you can imagine, contingent upon the level of sweetness you like in your chai.


  • Add the milk to the pan. Tenderly heat over a medium fire to a stew for 2–3 minutes. Contingent upon what sort of milk you’re utilizing, there might be pretty much water in the blend, which will impact the warming time and the quality of the chai.


  • Strain the chai into a cup, serve and appreciate!

So this is all you need to know about making the perfect cup of sticky chai at home whenever you want. You can search for reputed tea shops online that offer various blends of chai at wholesale rates.