Cerner EMR; Features, Reviews and More

About Cerner 

Cerner is perhaps one of the biggest medical tech related companies in North America. Cerner EMR software is produced by the tech giant and has been a user favorite for over 40 years in some cases. The company has made sure they constantly innovate and bring forward a software which is well liked by all users. In this piece, we will be talking about several features in Cerner EMR which we encourage you to explore with a Cerner demo. 

Having a solid EHR software for your medical practice is very important in keeping your practice running efficiently. This is because this software can make or break your experience as a practice. It can aid you in making things run much more smoothly at your practice. In this piece, we will be breaking down all the features in Cerner EHR which you will be able to enjoy from the software. All in all, we hope to help you come to a conclusion about whether this software is the right call for you! 

Highly Rated Features in Cerner EMR 

Clinical Documentation Made Simple 

The first feature we want to talk about for Cerner which you should definitely take a look at during your Cerner demo is the clinical documentation feature. This feature allows you to quickly make notes which help you in making clinical decisions not only in a shorter amount of time but also help you make decisions which are more accurate. The documentation helps you create summaries which are succinct and help you get to the crux of a specific patient case in record time. The documentation process can be very lengthy but with Cerner EHR, you can have it fit your preferences and thus save a lot of time. This means, you should be able to dictate your notes to the software or perhaps write them down by hand if that is what you prefer and the software will convert them for you automatically, helping you save a lot of time. 

Use Cerner EHR Remotely

Another great thing about this software that a lot of users comment on even after simply using the Cerner EMR demo is the fact that the software can be used remotely. This feature helps you to use the software remotely as Cerner is housed on remote servers which are accessible through the Cerner web or mobile app. This feature allows you to use the software on the go which is an incredibly convenient feature in the software. All in all, this software gives you a lot of convenience which is essentially what you should be looking for in a software in the first place. If convenience is something you are after, then perhaps Cerner EMR will be able to help you out in that department! 

Customizable Templates

A good template can half the time it takes you to take down patient data. If you spend more than half your appointment taking down information from your patient then perhaps you should reconsider your process. This is because ideally, your appointment should not be taking down data. With Cerner EMR you are able to access templates that the software has created solely for the reason that these features will allow you to reduce the time it takes to make patient notes. This helps you save time during appointments and allows you to spend more time on interacting with the patient and appraising their case rather than just making clinical decisions. 

Patient Portal Feature 

The patient portal feature is another one you should seriously consider during your Cerner demo. This is because the feature helps you reduce the amount of administrative tasks you otherwise had to do. The patient portal feature essentially allows you to let your patients handle a portion of their treatment with you. Your patients can schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming appointments, look at their billing and much more. All in all, this only means that you no longer have to do these tasks which helps you save a lot of your precious time that you can now use for other more important tasks. 

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

Revenue cycle management is a very important feature that allows you to keep on top of your finances which, if you are an independent practice can be especially important. Your medical practice at the end of the day happens to be a source of income for you and perhaps others like your staff or partners. This means it is important to know how you are doing financially and have systems in place which help you in maximizing your revenue and recovering payments which is an essential part of the job!

Cerner EMR Reviews

As far as Cerner EMR reviews are concerned, the software is quite popular among users. The software has an average rating of over 3.5 stars on most websites. This goes to show the software is fairly popular among users. The reviews are pretty positive with a lot of users appreciating several features the software has to offer! We are sure you will get to experience these features firsthand during your Cerner demo as well to help aid you to make your decision. 

Should you Buy Cerner EHR

If you are wondering whether you should invest in Cerner EMR after reading our piece about it then we cannot give you a definitive answer for this decision. We advise you to read as many user reviews for the software as possible. 

We also recommend that you do not make a decision about the software before receiving a Cerner demo. This is because a demo will help you experience the software firsthand. Usually you can get a Cerner demo by reaching out to the vendor and requesting one! 

Hopefully, you will be able to come to a conclusion with the help of the Cerner EMR demo and the decision will hopefully be the right one for you.