The wedding planner Puglia Elena Le Fosse explains how to organize

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Getting married these days is complicated, anti-congress rules affect the wedding event. Many during this complicated 2020 have postponed the wedding to better times, but many have gone ahead following the rules for the containment of pandemic, which is particularly important in situations of family crowding, kisses, hugs, contiguity.

“The covid has broken our dreams but we will continue to believe forever in the magic of “Yes, I do”, comments wedding planner Puglia Elena Le Fosse owner of Princess Apulia.

Here are Elena Le Fosse’s 8 tips for a wedding in the time of Covid-19, whether you postpone or choose to move forward

– 1) Don’t get caught up in anxiety! Remember that the wedding is a unique and special day so if you decide to postpone it, everyone will understand.

– 2) Contact your chosen venue and ask for alternate dates to allow for the possibility of postponing the wedding.

– 3) If you have already sent out the invitations, don’t worry! You won’t have to spend more money to redo them, just have a graphic designer create a virtual save the date where you can indicate the new date.

– 4) If you have ordered your dress or designed special arrangements, everything will remain frozen until the right date for you and your wedding.

– 5) The new DPCM has arrived just when you had started to make the surveys for the location of your dreams? Don’t panic! You can organize yourself with the “virtual wedding tours”, virtual inspections.

– 6) Are you panicking about your honeymoon? Travel agencies have created real call centers available to help you ask for refunds or date changes. Nothing is lost, be calm!

– 7) Remember one fundamental thing: right now, haste plays a nasty trick, you need calm and cool heads! Let’s wait until January to decide what to do.

– 8) Actually this is not really an advice but a true and sincere thought of mine that you will have to repeat like a mantra and that is that LOVE ALWAYS WINS and since marriage is based on this, your big day will come and it will be more beautiful than ever.

The rules for weddings during this period according to the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, dated November 3 and in force until December 3, 2020

All receptions in indoor and outdoor locations remain suspended, including those following civil and religious ceremonies.

Religious ceremonies and civil rites

On the other hand, both religious ceremonies and civil ceremonies remain allowed, as long as they are carried out in compliance with all prevention measures for the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. For religious functions remain unchanged the rules previously established with the protocol of Annex A 2 of the Decree of August 7 of the Government in agreement with the CEI, which stipulates the maintenance of interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and the use of mask for the protection of the respiratory tract. Access to the church can be regulated by volunteers who, equipped with disposable gloves and a clear sign of recognition, facilitate the access and exit of guests, while respecting the interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters. It is also advisable to use several entrances, where present, distinguishing between those reserved for entry and those for exit. The same preventive measures also apply to civil rites, for which, where possible, the use of outdoor spaces is recommended. The maximum capacity of the place of worship or hall in which the ceremony will take place is established by a legal entity taking into account the minimum distance of 1 meter from the side and front.