Cerberus RAT Download – Fully Undetectable Hacking Tool

About Cerberus RAT BetaIt is coded by a hacker which was a member of the Hack Hound group. It is in the beta testing mode which means you will see some bugs and glitches in this remote tool.

I used Cerberus rat for windows and It works perfectly for me. You can hack anyone’s computer with this RAT and you can perform any task.

Download Cerberus RAT Here:


You can steal passwords from your victim’s PC. You can remotely use your victim mouse and keyboard.
You can monitor your victim’s desktop screen live. You can open the victim’s webcam.

cerberus rat

You can spread your payload to many people and when you have so many victims in latest version Cerberus rat then you can mine bitcoin from them.
You can perform a DDOS attack from your all victim’s power. You can execute any file remotely into your victim’s pc.

You can live chat with your victim. You can capture the live microphone of your victim.
There are so many other features in this remote access tool. Its payload works on startup and persistence.

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Don’t use this remote administration software for illegal purposes. I am only providing latest version Cerberus rat for educational purposes only.
Use it on your own pc for testing. It is a very harmful remote access tool.