CEO Zhang Lu Leads Soul App Pioneer in Social Metaverse

Currently, a growing number of Internet giants, such as ByteDance, Netease, and Tencent, are contending for the market share of the social media field by introducing their own social media products.

These industry leaders appear to be pursuing a predicted market share, whereas start-ups are embracing new prospects. SOUL, being one of the emerging social networking platforms, is growing steadily. Quest Mobile has reported that Soul App is a well-known app where users can access spiritual consolation, and its monthly active users have already achieved approximately 10 million in September 2019.

SOUL’s CEO and founder, Zhang Lu, had no idea that this app would become so popular. Neither had she worked on social media products before, nor does she work in the Internet industry. But what makes Soul App become such a popular social product, Zhang Lu has shared her success story and insights into the industry in media interviews. Now, let’s get closer to SOUL.

On SOUL, every user can generate a self-portrait through a preset test and use it to find their like-minded friends.

It seems that SOUL is designed to let users freely express themselves, make their true voices heard and set up new friendships with other users. It targets to provide a social playground for young generations. 

To help users find like-minded friends, SOUL offers a variety of matching possibilities. SOUL Match was the first choice available, followed by Voice Match and Love Bell. In the second half of 2019, Facekini Match was released. This feature allows users to create a personalized avatar before starting a video chat. Thus users will be more relaxed and enjoy the chat better.

Many users regard SOUL as an excellent choice for chatting with others. But more users tend to believe SOUL is a platform where they can express themselves freely. On their homepages, some users state that they solely use SOUL as a “tree hole” to retain a record of great occasions, daily life, and personal ideas, not to speak with others.

It’s difficult for users who are fearful of making their actual voices known to sympathize with others, according to Zhang Lu.A simple conversation with a stranger sometimes may help people relax. SOUL is set up in such a manner that users can’t use their own photo as an avatar; instead, users must build one from a set of templates. SOUL differs from other questionable social media platforms built on “anonymity” in that conversing with strangers on SOUL can be tracked.

According to Zhang Lu, social media products based on “anonymity” are unable to give users an independent ID or traceability to their homepages, but “this is not the case with SOUL.” Every user has a unique ID, and every post and remark can be traced back to the poster’s homepage. SOUL is attempting to allow users to express themself honestly while avoiding the dangers associated with anonymous discussions.

Of course, SOUL also needs to find ways to make existing users more active and loyal. The “Super SOUL Real (SSR)” program has been put into use to encourage SOULers to produce thought-provoking posts in ACG, popular culture, music, vlogging, learning, photography, and painting.

SOUL has established a strong basis for future development in the social media sector, and it stands out among similar apps in the App Store. Zhang Lu remarked that SOUL would continue to utilize AI to provide a better user experience and higher-quality communication. Zhang Lu is constantly optimistic that new functions will enter the market that is more adapted to the views, interests, and preferences of the younger generations, as well as being more closely related to present society.

It can be predicted that under the leadership of Zhang Lu, SOUL will keep expanding and progressing on the ‘Soul’cial Metaverse.

Ellen Hollington

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