CEO Jesse Williams Celebrates Vehicle History’s Recent Milestone

Jesse Williams has been in the business of making businesses since he was 15 years old. As a kid, he used to eagerly read books written by noteworthy tycoons to learn the art of business until he was confident to start a venture of his own. Jesse’s first official business was eDirect, an online software retailer that generated over $40 million in sales. From there, he’s gone on to create a number of multimillion dollar businesses and has cemented himself as a digital marketing entrepreneur.

However, Jesse just wasn’t doing the smart thing and going where the money was—or was most likely to generate profit—he was also led by passion for the industries he personally cared about and wanted to pursue. Years of passion eventually led him to create the company Vehicle History based in Las Vegas, a cost-free used car information database. When the company launched in 2016, it set out to be the most comprehensive vehicle research site on the Web. Six years later, Vehicle History has exceeded 4 million monthly users.

As of right now, Vehicle History offers information on most used cars from 2005 to 2018 and a broad variety of more recent models as well, and the information cited is provided by a dedicated research team with combined decades of industry experience. Not only that, but the team aggregates data from previous owners, other automotive experts, vehicle associations, other reviews sites, and other reputable sources to bring consumers the best information available.

“We allow owners to better understand the actual vehicle they drive without any additional cost,” says Jesse. “This way, they can learn upfront how the vehicle looks inside and out, if a vehicle has any performance issues, what kinds of features a vehicle offers and more. It’s all right there. With the downturn of the economy, I can see interest in used cars skyrocketing, and that’s what will keep our business flourishing.”

With over 4 million users on the site a month, Jesse and his team continue to offer more services on the platform. Just last year, Vehicle History allowed users to leave their own reviews on vehicles. The effect was almost immediate, and over 500,000 consumer reviews are now active on the website.

Jesse was inspired to create Vehicle History due to the lack of accessible information about user cars in the marketplace. He saw a significant demand for reliable vehicle information that either didn’t already exist or was kept behind a financial barrier that kept consumers from making educated choices about their car purchases. By creating Vehicle History, he had hoped to meet that demand and now stands on a rapidly growing information enterprise.

“I’m truly grateful that so many people have stuck with me through this, and that we’ve been fortunate enough to create a successful company. I’m very excited about what the future holds for us.”

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