Centre Table Design Tips

A centre table is a spotlight in your living room. As the name suggests, it is usually placed in the centre, making it the focal point of your room. It is, for sure, an aesthetic and functional piece of furniture. Make sure you design your centre table correctly. Bring home a centre table that reflects your design preferences and taste. At Wakefit, you have a wide choice of centre table designs that suit your living space. Anchor your room with a perfect centre table design. Concentrate on certain factors when designing your centre table. Here are some significant design tips that help you draw the attention of your guests to the middle of your living room.

Consider the Space

When you buy a center table online, it is important to look for the available space in the room. Check for the space available in the centre of your room after placing your sofa. This is an important consideration that helps you come up with the perfect center table design for your living space. Measure the available space in the middle of the sofa If there is plenty of space available, then think about investing in two centre tables.

Go for The Right Size

The size of a centre table matters a lot. It greatly impacts the look of your living room. The dimension of the centre table must be proportionate to the size of your sofa. Decide the size of the centre table such that there is sufficient space to move around. There must also be enough space for stretching your leg. Make sure the centre table is spacious enough to hold some of the essential stuff like coffee mugs, newspapers, remote, mobile, etc.

Choose An Ideal Shape

The shape decides the style and design of your centre table. Go for the shape that suits the shape of the sofa in your living room. Choosing the right shape brings harmony and balance to your living area. Go for a rectangular center table when you have an L-shaped sofa in your home. This makes your living room look pleasing. Pair a smaller sofa with a square center table or a round center table. This is an ideal choice for compact living rooms. Use an oval-shaped centre table for a traditional type of sofa. This type of centre table does not take up too much floor space. Break the monotony of the room with circular or oval shape tables.

Pick the Right Style

The style of a centre table impacts the overall look of your living room. Make sure that the style complements the interior design of your room. Choose a style based on the layout and other decor present in your room. Be careful when choosing the right material, shape, and size of the centre table, as it impacts its style. A solid wood center table offers a traditional style to your living room. Go for a centre table with geometric designs for a contemporary look. Opt for sleek designs for the centre table when you wish to embrace simplicity. Scale is a crucial factor when styling your centre table. This adds symmetry and balance to your living room.

Material Choice Matters

The material of your centre table influences its style and durability There are plenty of materials to choose from for your centre table design. Wooden coffee tables are sturdy enough to last for years. Go for an engineered wood center table if you think wooden tables are expensive. If you love to make your home look elegant and sophisticated, then a marble center table is an ideal pick. A glass center table makes your living room more spacious. Go for affordable material choices like metal center tables for a neat and classic look. It is equally important to choose a material that is easy to maintain.

Keep It Functional

List down your requirements before you design your coffee table. This can make the furniture functional and usable. If you love inviting friends and relatives to your home, then choose a centre table design that is quite appealing and welcoming. Make sure the top of the coffee table has ample space to place coffee mugs, water bottles, etc. If you have plenty of stuff in your living room, then opt for a spacious centre table design that has room to store all the essentials, including books, magazines, remotes, mobile devices, and a lot more.

Think About Storage

Storage is an important feature when looking for furniture designs. Look for a centre table that comes with multiple storage options if you have a smaller living room.  This helps to maximise the storage space in your living room. Your home looks more organised and less cluttered when you bring home a coffee table with drawers and shelves. A lift top centre table is also excellent space-saving furniture, offering better storage.

Check For Its Price

The design and style of your centre table decide its price. There are coffee tables available in various price ranges. You can find a centre table based on your desired budget. Check for centre table prices online offered by different dealers. You would end up buying a coffee table of poor quality. Never compromise the quality of the centre table for its price. Make sure you buy a centre table worthy of its price.

Other Designs Tips To Buy A Perfect Centre Table

  • The height of your centre table must match the height of your sofa set or be a little lower.
  • There is no rule that you must limit the centre table to only one. You can very well group small centre tables.
  • A centre table and a coffee table are often used interchangeably. But there is a slight difference between the two The size of a coffee table is smaller when compared to a centre table.

Note down the above points when you design your centre table for your living room. This would ensure that you make your living room look complete with statement furniture. The above will help you bring home an aesthetic table with the utmost functionality.

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