Cemo Basen: The Multilingual South Asian Instagram Superstar

Social media is the ultimate game changer today. A platform that can land even the most ordinary individual to instant stardom, social media platforms connect the globe. People use social media to promote their talents, share their daily lives, and make meaningful videos and gain international fan bases. Despite the many pros of social media platforms, the fact remains that without hard work and good promotion, positive results can be difficult to achieve. Today, we will be talking about a rising international social media sensation, South Asian Instagram superstar Cemo Basen!

Cemo’s ‘Friends’ Turned On Him When He Achieved Fame

Cemo’s friends played an important role in influencing him to start his social media journey, specially his Ukrainian friend Katherine. In an interview, Cemo said that Katherine is the reason he started making videos. They were best friends and she had always supported him.

In fact, Cemo achieved such instant success on Instagram that Cemo’s mother actually downloaded the Instagram app to keep tabs on Cemo’s videos and social media interactions. Soon, Cemo was also able to achieve fan following on other social media platforms.

Cemo’s Instagram comments sections would be full of praises from unknown followers. Soon, Cemo’s fans also started making compilations of his videos which further fueled his Instagram following counts. However, some of the people that Cemo had previously considered his friends were not as happy with Cemo’s success as Cemo had believed them to be. Instead of supporting his new venture, they deleted their accounts and started to anonymously bully Cemo.

Cemo stated in an interview that they would write awful things, saying that Cemo had ‘no talent’ and that he ‘looks like an Asian monkey’. These racists remarks and persistent bullying did not dampen Cemo’s passion for providing entertainment and he has continued to soar higher in his career. With dedication and persistence, Cemo managed to lock out the negativity, claiming that this doesn’t last forever. He said that, ‘I know that at the moment, it feels like it’s never gonna end but once you graduate, you never have to see those people again so just keep your head up and remember who you are and keep a tight circle of friends around you if you can…


Cemo Basen is an up and coming Hollywood actor, dancer and entertainer. Most of his followers are from India, Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Ukraine and other developed countries.

Cemo Basen is an amazing entertainer, with his many talents evident in his Instagram uploads. His fans are also very encouraged by his hardworking personality and lifestyle, and they try to incorporate messages from his motivational videos into their daily life. Basen’s videos are responsible for contributing to the personal grooming of many young fans across the globe. Hailing from a poor South Asian background, Basen never misses any opportunities to promote South Asia on international platforms.

He has explained to his fans repeatedly that nothing is impossible to achieve in your life- you just have to set your target and start making efforts to achieve it, and one day you will get success in your goals but you have to be sincere with yourself by all means.

Muhammad Qasim (now Cemo Basen) started his struggle towards achieving his dream of becoming a part of Hollywood a long time ago, and now that he is so close to his dreams, his next goal is South Asian representation. Today he is at the peak of his career, and is performing well by providing much needed motivational messages to his followers from all over the world.