Celebrities Gone Wild – From Famous to Infamous

Celebrities are people in the public eye, and their fame usually stems from accomplishments such as wealth or beauty, talent, power or notoriety. Celebrities can be actors, athletes, musicians, models or socialites. They are often portrayed by media outlets as being unapproachable. However, this portrayal does not always hold true. Celebrities do not have to be perfect human beings with lives that are free of scandalous behavior because they are still just like everyone else who faces challenges and trials each day.

Celebrities go wild sometimes too! They may drink excessively at a party one night and drive under the influence of alcohol. They may find themselves in bar fights, or they get arrested for domestic violence. They often cheat on their significant others and can get caught with drugs at major airports.

Celebrities are only human, but we expect them to be superhuman since they are constantly being placed on a pedestal by media outlets who portray them as people we should look up to.

Mariah Carey

Every diva has a humble beginning and Mariah Carey is no exception. The record breaking singer was actually rejected at an audition for “The Cosby Show” back in 1984, but by then she had already met her soon-to-be manager who would help launch her career. But then Carey’s personal demons came to the forefront with her messy divorce to Nick Cannon, in which he accused her of being “extremely abusive both mentally and physically.” Celebrities like Mariah Carey can’t always keep their personal lives private.

Gretchen Mol

Most people remember Gretchen Mol from her recurring role as the on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire but she also had a successful modeling career. She appeared in campaigns for Gap, Armani Jeans and Victoria’s Secret PINK and posed for several magazines including the US edition of Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Celebrities like Gretchen Mol have to deal with balancing their public lives with their personal lives.

Courtney Love

Most people remember Courtney Love as the lead vocalist of Hole and Kurt Cobain’s widow but she actually began her career auditioning for Faith No More. She didn’t get that job but ended up forming a band with Kat Bjelland called Sugar Baby Doll. But then tragedy struck when her husband died from suicide and she was accused of taking advantage of his death. Celebrities like Courtney Love have a lot to deal with and it seems that she never gets the chance to just be herself.

Whitney Houston

Before she became one of the most successful artists of all time, Whitney Houston actually began her career as a model in New York City. She later landed a job singing back-up vocals for Chaka Khan which soon led to an offer of her own. Celebrities like Whitney Houston have to work extra hard at being taken seriously and need to remember that they are people too.


There’s no denying that Cher has been one of the most successful singers in history, but she actually began her career as a part of a singing duo. She later attempted to launch her own solo career but it didn’t grab the attention that she had hoped for. Celebrities like Cher are proof that sometimes you just need to stick with something until you get where you want to be.

Gary Coleman

Before he was one of the biggest child stars, Gary Coleman began his career as an underwear model which got the attention of producers who wanted to cast him on “Diff’rent Strokes.” Celebrities like Gary Coleman are proof that a good attitude is worth more than glamor.

Marilyn Monroe

Most people don’t realize that Marilyn Monroe actually had a short-lived modeling career before she changed the world of cinema. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe remind us that anything is possible with a little hard work and perseverance.

Michael Lohan

When Michael Lohan’s daughter Lindsay was born, he knew his life was going to change forever. Celebrities like Michael Lohan quickly learn the hard way that living in the spotlight is not as glamorous as it seems.

Michael was best known as a Hollywood manager, but he used his connections in the media to garner publicity for himself and his family whether it was peddling stories about them or appearing on various reality TV shows. Celebrities like Michael Lohan are proof that you have to be careful what you wish for… or else things might come back to bite you in the ass.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton knows better than anyone that a public image can be deceiving Celebrities like Paris Hilton are proof that it’s not always what it seems, especially when looking at people who were born into wealth and privilege.

After her A-list debut on The Simple Life (2003), she became a media fixture known more for her hard-partying ways, infamous sex tape, and criminal record than acting or singing.

At the same time, Paris Hilton’s personal life has often overshadowed her professional accomplishments as a businesswoman. In 2003, she launched a fashion line that catered to young women, including her younger sister Nicky. Her clothing line, Paris Hilton: Heiress by Paris Hilton became a popular brand and was followed up with the release of her successful fragrance lines – Paris Hilton, Just Me, Dazzle and Believe.

She later went on to create a makeup line called Pursefection in 2010. Celebrities who have modeled for her clothing line include Taryn Southern and Kristin Cavallari.