Celebrate your First Wedding Anniversary with these cool Ideas


It may seem like yesterday when you guys said I do and married to love of your life. But in real you guys are about to celebrate your first anniversary. First anniversary is very special and you must celebrate it in one of the best ways so that it becomes etched in your hearts like your wedding day. Do something that makes your partner happy or so something you both love and celebrate your love and togetherness. For a memorable celebration you can also spend this day with the people you love that is your family and friends. There are so many ways you can celebrate your first wedding anniversary and thus we are here with few. That will give you guys some memorable times which you guys will cherish for lifetime.


1] Take a second Honeymoon

Time flies when you are having fun. So when you have gone for your honeymoon the day would have swept too. And there will always be two places you would have got struck in choosing, so for second honeymoon choose the place you rejected for the honeymoon. Thus spend time together and make memories which you will cherish for the years to come. Honeymooning is best way to spend your first anniversary resting, relaxed and having fun with your partner.


2] Get a set of Couple Tattoos

If you guys always think of getting inked but always give up, when cannot think of any particular design. You guys can have matching tattoos on these beautiful occasions and treat your relationship with this permanent gift. These tattoos will be just as your relationship permanent and beautiful. You can choose something that means special to both of you and getting permanent matching tattoos is couple goals and so many other couples will be inspired by you guys.


3] Give Thoughtful Gifts

You can surprise love of your life with a personalized gift because these types of gifts are always the best. If you can surprise them with jewelry, cushion or just a mug which has your initials engraved on it. You can also surprise them with a handwritten love letter here you have confessed all your love and how special you have felt spending this one year together with your dear one. There are so many interesting and thoughtful gifts you can find online that will help you convey your love to your beloved.


4] Match Gift with your Anniversary Year

There are different gifts for different anniversary years. Traditional gift for first anniversary is paper. So, you can consider stationery gifts for your spouse like book, letter or anything else associated with paper. Also, there are modern anniversary gifts too wherein modern gifts like involved like appliances etc. So, you can surprise your loved one and convey your wishes for your first wedding anniversary to your partner. Make online cake delivery to your loved one’s door step and celebrate their special day through this delicious surprise and convey your wishes.

5] Cut the Same Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are grand and special so you can order a similar or exact same cake you had for your wedding and with the same cake celebrate your first wedding anniversary. This will make you reminisce all the beautiful moments of your wedding day. Also, there are couples who freeze their top tier of the wedding cake to eat on first wedding anniversary. You can get some awesome ideas for celebrating first anniversary from our online gift site which will make your bond with your partner even stronger.

6] Try Something New

You can plan ahead of time and be a little creative in spending your first anniversary. Most couple goes for a dinner date which is very common. You guys can make a plan and book tickets of a musical concert or do any adventurous activity together like scuba diving or sky diving, go for a helicopter rise etc. Sure, these activities are little expensive but also your first anniversary comes just once and you will create memories for lifetime which will be worth every penny.

7] Plan a Party

If you are a social couple you guys would love spending time with your friends and family. So throw a wedding anniversary party and have fun with your loved ones. You can either organize a grand party or a small celebration with drinks and dinner. You will get to relive your marriage night surrounded by the people you love and have lots of entertainment. Buy Anniversary Gift online and surprise your partner with romantic gift to convey your love and affection to them on this special day.

8] Watch wedding videos

If you guys want to spend some lone time together with each other, you both can simply stay home and watch your wedding video together. You can curl up on the couch with fresh popcorn and snacks and reminisce all the lovely moments of your wedding day. After watching the wedding video, you will realize how far you guys have come in your relationship and at the same time won’t be able to believe it’s already a year. Celebrate first wedding anniversary with these lovely and cool ideas and have the most memorable anniversary.

We hope these amazing and wonderful celebration ideas of your first wedding anniversary give you perfect wedding anniversary celebration and so much of fun.