CCNA certification Comprehensive analysis of CCNA certification

1. About the market

    Salary standard, many newcomers often like to ask “how much can CCNA earn a month now?” If I answer “20,000 a month” (actually I can only earn 800 a month and the other 10,000 is obtained by cheating customers), then will you actively join in? If I answer “I can only get 500 a month (but in fact, I can earn 10,000 extra money by pulling private orders or doing other business), will you be afraid? 5 fingers are not the same length. , even twins, there will be individual differences, the structure of the crowd is pyramid-shaped, the top is always a minority; in addition, the majority of people are still struggling on the edge.

If you think that with a certificate alone, you can get on the “first class to high salary”, then you will fall from the sky and fall into the valley. Instead of doing a mediocre salary survey, get ready and see what to do next. 

2. About the course

        Many newcomers do not know what the CCNA course spoto dumps 2022 involves. The courses of CCNA, for the foundation of some network fields, are roughly divided into network model and architecture, routing technology, local area network switching technology, and remote access technology. And all of this is the basis of the basics of these technologies, and the CCNP course classifies them for deeper explanations. I recommend 2 kinds of textbooks here (in fact, there are generally only 2 kinds of textbooks to choose from), one of which is Sybex, the “CCNA Study Guide” introduced by the Electronic Industry Press, which seems to have been published by the 5th edition. People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House did not introduce this book. It was a mistake. As far as I have observed, in general, the number of first editions of the books of the Cisco professional certification system is not too large, and the second and third printings are rarely reprinted. “CCNA Study Guide” is definitely a bible in the textbook as far as the exam is concerned, but there are also shortcomings, and the scalability is not high. For example, some people will take “you are CCNA but you can’t even do network cables” as your sore feet. If all you want is the pass, buy this book, it’s easy to understand. The beginning of everything is difficult, so getting started is a crucial issue. The other one is “CCNA Network Academy” published by People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House (I don’t remember the full name, I haven’t read it). This book makes up for the weak extension of the CCNA Study Guide, but in terms of getting started, I think it is not as good as the CCNA Study Guide.

CCNA’s curriculum is the foundation. If you only want to focus on the exam, buy the “CCNA Study Guide” or look at some high-quality question banks; if you want to expand your horizons, buy “CCNA Network Academy”. 

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