CCIE Certification Introduction

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert)

This certification is the highest certification in the Cisco Certification System and is regarded as the top CCIE Certification in the global networking field. This certification mainly provides the expertise engineers need to master Cisco devices in today’s rapidly changing network environment. In addition to being recognized by the whole industry, CCIE is also an indicator of your continuous possession of the latest network knowledge. You will become the most competitive person in your professional field.

CCIE Is Divided into Five Parts.

  1. Routing and Switching
  2. WANS witching
  3. ISP Dialing
  4. SNA and IP Integration

5. Network Design

CCIE Examination Method

To obtain CCIE Certification, you need to obtain the following course examinations:

  1. CCIE qualification examination (i.e. written examination, three hours)
  2. CCIE experimental examination (one day)


Candidates who have not participated in CCIE training and have not obtained other certificates can also directly apply for CCIE.

CCIE Certification Examination Is Divided into Three Categories

  1. CCIE Routing and Switching Examination (CCIE R & S).
  2. CCIE Communication and Service Examination (CCIE C & S). CCIE-ISP Dialing
  3. CCIE Network Security Examination

The scope of CCIE Routing and Switching Examination includes IP and IP Routing, Non IP Desktop Protocols (such as IPX), Bridge and Switch-related Technologies.


CCIE R & S Certification Examination is a traditional CCIE Certification Exam, which includes routing technology and LAN / WAN switching technology. To become a real CCIE, candidates must pass a two-hour written exam and a one-day laboratory exam.

R&SWritten Exam

R&SWritten Exam is a closed-book test, which includes 100 multiple-choice questions. The test time is two hours, and the test place must be Prometric or VUE. Prometric’s website is [url] www.2test Com [/ url], and VUE’s website is [url] com/Cisco[/url]。 The registration fee for the exam is USD 300. The score line for passing the exam is set by statistical analysis – usually 65% to 75% of the total number of candidates. Therefore, the more people take the exam, the higher the score line will be. On the contrary, if the number of candidates decreases, the corresponding score line will also decrease. The examination blueprint is the outline of the examination content. The blueprint of CCIE R&S will be introduced in the later chapters of this book. This certification examination covers the operation of Cisco network equipment, general network theory, bridge and LAN switching technology, LAN and WAN media, IP theory, IP routing protocol, network performance and traffic management, network security and multi service, etc.


CCIE C&S Certification Exam replaces the previous CCIE WAN switching technology exam and CCIE Internet ISP dial-up certification exam. CCIE C&S includes a two-hour written exam and a one-day laboratory exam. CCIE C&S Exam has many written exams, but the laboratory exam is the same. Before the laboratory exam, you only need to pass a written exam. In the written examination, 50% of the content is the general scope of network knowledge, while the other 50% is some questions with variable content, including: ●Optical Part. ●Cable Part. ●DSL (Beta). ●WANS witching Technology (Beta). ●Dialing Part (currently not available). ●Wireless Network Part (not available at present). ●Voice Transmission Part (not available at present). ●Network Components (not currently available).

CCIE level certifies the expert level of personal network technology. All candidates who have passed the two-hour written qualification examination and the two-day experimental examination can obtain the CCIE Certification and use the CCIE mark on their business cards