CBD For University Students: A Game-Changing Ingredient Or Waste Of Time?

University life and the road to a degree is a long and stressful journey. Not only do students have to worry about studying, worrying about the future but also their career. Have you ever been really nervous before a big day or a big deadline and wished there was something that could calm your nerves? Ever wondered how much easier life could be if you were just calmer? Then, you will wish you had heard about CBD and its benefits sooner! 

Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) is a natural compound that has been rapidly gaining traction in the last few years. There have been numerous studies suggesting that the use of CBD can help improve focus, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, as well as alleviate pain and improve general health. Given the lengths and efforts to which your time is demanded in higher education, this ingredient may be very promising, but what is CBD and how CBD products can help university students? 

Time For Facts: What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a prominent, natural compound with a variety of potential health benefits and healing properties. It is also one of the active ingredients extracted from the cannabis plant. However, unlike some of the other components found in the plant like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is non-psychoactive and does not have the “high” effect that is typically associated with cannabis use. CBD can be obtained from cannabis then diluted with another carrier oil such as hemp, coconut, avocado, MCT, or olive oils. 

Scientific research has found that CBD oil benefits can have significant positive impacts on health, without any risk of it being addictive or leading to substance abuse. Since CBD interacts with the vital endocannabinoid system of the body, using products infused with CBD oil can help to relieve symptoms of various physical and mental illnesses. Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD is an effective solution for reducing anxiety, stress, and pain, improving mood and concentration, restoring energy, and regulating sleep quality. 

CBD oil is completely legal to use for any person above the age of 18, and the product can be purchased over the counter in many forms. Some of the forms include CBD oil drops that can be put under the tongue, edible products such as gummies or chocolates and different drinks like water, cacao, coffee, etc. They can be bought from many pharmacies/shops and although prices can range, some products can be sold at prices as low as £1.30! Each specific type of item provides different CBD concentrations, method of intake, and onset time.

What’s more, CBD effects can also be a viable solution to help students throughout their university life. Here are some of the few ways that it might help to enhance and improve the quality of life for students. 

Helping You With Job Applications & Interviews 

Applying for a job, filling out lots of application forms and thinking about the future can be daunting and difficult. Even worse is having to go through an interview process, whether on the phone, on video or in person. Being very nervous can mean that the employer thinks that the applicant lacks confidence. A study reported that 65% of interviewers said they are unlikely to offer a candidate the job if they fail to make eye contact. Using CBD might help students beat their nerves, diminish stress, and get the jobs they’ve always wanted. 

Having chocolate, gummies, syrup, or any other product that contains CBD when working on applications or before an interview can help to calm the student down and improve their focus without having any sort of impairing effect on their body. They would simply just feel more relaxed and clearer minded. On top of that, scientists say that CBD helps to alleviate nausea/fatigue symptoms, very common physical symptoms which often come with feeling anxious. 

At the end of the day, all CBD is doing is helping the student reach their potential. It just means that their true self and thoughts can be reflected to the employer without being masked by anxiety or increased stress levels. 

Providing Relief From Assignments & Deadlines 

Assessments are an integral part of university life. Whether it be assessments throughout the year, or end of year projects, every student is likely to be familiar with the stress that comes with the infamous “deadline season.” Every student is familiar with the frustration that comes with being unable to focus or being unable to put down ideas on paper. Unlike some of the other life stresses which one might face, the stress felt during this season is a lot more frequent and long-term as it spans over several months and happens annually. Doing well means acknowledging that the journey is a marathon, not a race and so managing your stress is of paramount importance. 

CBD can be a useful remedy to manage those feelings of worry during demanding periods. As mentioned before, it can help increase one’s ability to concentrate and be alert when trying to work. Also, CBD can decrease the sensitivity of joint pain receptors and relieve aches by treating or reducing inflammation. As CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, use of CBD might be beneficial in alleviating pain and chronic aches, such as migraines, headaches, back pain, and others.  

Providing Better Quality Sleep

Feeling worried or trying to deal with deadlines can also impact one’s sleep – the ability to sleep, the amount of sleep, and the quality of sleep. It is reported that a staggering 27% of all university students are at risk of developing at least one sleeping disorder (such insomnia or sleep apnea/snoring) due to the high stresses of university life. 

Research has found that CBD can be used to combat insomnia and other sleeping disorders which impact sleep. Taking 2-3 drops of CBD before bed can help to eliminate this problem and help students look after their health. Not to mention, CBD has the ability to cause relief, a feeling often needed when the journey is long. 

Dealing With Pre-Exam Nightmares 

With most universities concluding the academic year in the past few weeks, term 3 is always the hardest for the majority of students. Primarily making up the “exam season,” students spend endless nights revising for their final year exams and tend to use unhealthy habits to give any sort of advantage. Traits such as working extreme hours, consuming energy drinks excessively, lack of exercise and unhealthy diets are all too familiar to any student during this term. Not to mention the immense stress, anxiety and insomnia that students face during this critical time of the year. 

As mentioned before, the use of CBD oil can be a natural and potent alternative to these traits without the negative impacts on the body. A few drops of CBD oil in pot noodles or a rice bowl can not only help to improve diet and boost the immune system but also reduce anxiety during a run-up to a revision marathon and aid in your way to achieving those all-important grades. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it be to take advantage of its nerve-soothing qualities or its ability to fix sleep, it is evident that CBD is an all-round product which could significantly improve a students’ life, grades and future. The reason it is so attractive is that all these desirable outcomes can be achieved while it remains easily available, non-addictive and does not impair one’s senses or cause severe adverse effects upon consuming. This means it can be used in daily life without the risk of it triggering harm. 

Although the focus has been on how CBD can help students, CBD can be beneficial to any person that may feel like they need to improve their focus or need stress relief. The advantages discussed before are only some of the few miracles of CBD, research is actively working on exploring its potential to ease symptoms relating to epilepsy and Parkinson disease, lowering blood pressure, preventing diabetes, reducing severe acne, preventing the spread of tumours and many more benefits. Which really makes one think, what can CBD products not help with? 

However, always remember to consult your doctor or health care provider before using any product. It is essential that you discuss whether any product would be suitable for you to use and whether any side effects can be significant to you.