Causes And Treatments Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can affect up to 30 million males across the United States. It can be a stressful condition that is causes by a variety of various factors, including an underlying health issue or stress.

If erectile dysfunction is frequently disrupting your life, it might need help from an expert in internal medicine to determine the cause of the problem so that it can be effectively treated. Let’s discuss what causes ED and how they can assist you in overcoming the problem by providing treatment.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s not uncommon for men to not have, or keep, an erection at times in times. However, if this becomes more frequent this could be an indication of erectile dysfunction. It is also called impotence.

ED can occur when you’re incapable of achieving an erection, keep an erection or ejaculate regularly. The problem can cause a variety of emotional and physical issues as well as the possibility of developing Erectile Dysfunction rises as you the advancing years. The chance of developing ED is also higher in males who are diagnose with cardiovascular diseases.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual arousal involves a complex process that involves the brain, emotions, hormones and muscles, nerves, as well as blood vessels. If there’s an issue in one particular of those areas like an unrelated heart condition or circulatory disorder this can result in an erectile dysfunction.

Factors in the lifestyle like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or taking illicit drugs may affect the capacity to get or maintain an the erection. The other major factors that contribute to ED are:

Cardiac Conditions

Conditions that impact the blood flow and heart including high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels or hardening of arteries) could negatively affect the flow of blood towards the penis. If there’s inadequate blood flow it could hinder the possibility of achieving or keep an erection. Overweight or obesity may result in elevated cholesterol levels and damage blood vessels and can cause erectile dysfunction.

Endocrine Disorders

The Endocrine system is a system of glands that create releases, regulates, and produces hormones that aid in many essential functions of the human body. These functions include reproduction, metabolism sexual function, mood. Endocrine disorders can cause your body to produce excessive or not enough of a hormone, leading to an imbalance in hormones – and some hormonal issues can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Neurological and Nerve Disorders

Conditions of the nervous system such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases brain tumors, stroke, and multiple sclerosis result due to damage to the nerve system. Damage to the nerves can impact the brain’s capability to communicate with different parts within the body like our reproductive system possible limiting the ability of a person to get an erection. Surgery for prostate, injury and other operations that affect the spinal or pelvic region may also cause nerve damage which leads to Erectile dysfunction.


Certain medicines, like Cenforce Pills that are used to treat high blood pressure could reduce the flow of blood to the penis and make it harder to have an sexual erection. Other medications may affect hormones or nerves , and can cause similar effects.

The medications that may cause the erectile disorder include:

  • Prostate cancer treatments
  • Diuretics
  • Antidepressants
  • Beta-blockers
  • Chemotherapy
  • Relaxing drugs for the muscles
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Psychological Factors

Stress-related psychological issues like anxiety, depression and fatigue may influence your ability to be sexually enthralled. It can impact on your ability to maintain or achieve an sexual erection.

Oral Medications

Cenforce Pills The most popular treatment for ED is oral medication. These drugs increase those effects caused by nitric oxide which relaxes muscles in the penis. This results in an increase in the flow of blood to the area that can result in an erection.

There’s a wide selection of oral medication that are available, however it’s essential to obtain medication from a physician to make sure you are taking medications that are safe in a balanced dosage. The most popular treatments to treat ED are Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra.


Another option for ED is injections of alprostadil. The treatment involves injecting alpostadil at the penis’s base at the point you’d want to get an sexual erection. The drug causes an erection which can last for up to one hour. The needle used to administer the injection is extremely thin and generally there is minimal discomfort.

Urethral Suppository

Alprostadil also comes as an Supple. It is applied using a specific applicator to apply the suppository it causes an erection which can last for up to an hour.

Hormone Therapy

A second common method of treatment that is effective to treat ED can be hormone therapy. People with lower levels of testosterone than average suffer from ED more frequently. Hormone therapy is the process of delivering regular amounts of testosterone synthetically to your body in order to replenish the declining levels of testosterone that naturally occur. This treatment is efficient in decreasing ED symptoms in a large number of males.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Florida

If you’re having trouble making or keeping an erection then it’s time to visit a doctor. ED is a condition that can be treated and you can greatly lessen the severity of symptoms with the right treatment.

The staff of Advanced Medical are board-certified physicians with years of experience dealing with a variety of health issues which include ED. We provide individualized care that is centered on the patient and efficient.