Causes and Solution to Insufficient Storage Error in PC

Most of you must have witnessed the problem with storage space. The problem happens because you get limited storage but the files you store are countless. You keep on storing them and later with time the empty space runs out and the error starts to appear. 

It is a very common problem which almost every user faces. But you need to be aware of what are the causes of insufficient storage and how you can easily make space available in your system. Read the article till the end, as we have tried to educate every user about the problems and their solutions. You can also try them to make space out of your filled hard disk.

Insufficient Storage Issue and Their Solutions

Below we have listed some of the very common problems which cause insufficient storage space issue. Along with the problem we have listed solutions that can be used to rectify the problem and get back the computer with empty space. 

  1. Temporary and Unused Files

Temporary and unused files stored in your device for a long time can result in occupying storage space. Temporary files keep on adding up with time if you don’t remove them. The files are created to help you while you browse but on the other hand, the files with time clutter up and result in covering space and making the PC slow. You need to get rid of those files to make space on your disk. 

Temporary files are created by the system but the unused files or useless files are stored by the user. When you download or install any programs it has some supporting files as well. These files along with the setup files are stored in the system, but after some time when you stop using the software. The files stay in the system’s memory and keep it occupied. You need to remove that software from the system to make space. 

For making space in the disk, you can use the built-in tools that can easily delete the junk files and other unused files. Follow the steps to use the tool. 

  • Open my computer and then select the disk from which you want to delete files. 
  • Right-click on the hard disk and select the ‘properties’ option.
  • In the properties window, locate the ‘disk cleanup’ option
  • After you select the disk cleanup option, a menu will appear having files and other options. 
  • From the list of files, select the files you want to delete. 
  • You can also clean the system files by clicking the option ‘clean up system files’.
  • Next click on the more options from the top menu. 
  • After clicking the option, you can find two more clean-up options. 
  • Choose the option according to your preference and then select ‘OK’.

Using this method, you can easily clean the disk. If you wish you can also use third-party software to clean effectively.  

  1. Remove Duplicates 

Duplicates can take up a lot of space in the computer which can result in making the computer slow and less efficient. Duplicates are created when you use software to edit or make changes to a document. After you have made any changes even the tiniest one the files will be stored as a copy to a different location. Other than just using the software the creation of the duplicates can be multiplied by just saving the same files in different locations. 

It can be very tough to find the original files and their duplicates when they are stored at various locations. This is how the duplicates keep on adding up. Later with time when you run out of storage and notice the fact that duplicates have occupied storage in your system, then you start to worry. Whether you start to clear duplicates early or at a later stage depends on you. The difference will be of time as the more duplicates will require more time to clear. 

If you are thinking about how to clean them then you can either choose to manually clean them or you can even use software for that. 

Manually you need to go through the disk where you have stored the files and then identify them. After that, you can remove them from the system. This process can be very time-consuming and frustrating. We would not recommend you to use this method. 

Try using duplicate remover software instead of manually removing them. You can easily find software on the internet which works accurately and efficiently. The software is very easy to use and within a few minutes, you can easily find all the duplicate files on your computer.  The software offers free as well as a paid subscription, you can choose according to your requirements.

You can use duplicate photo finder and cleaner easily but finding the right one can be tough. Before you choose any software, check for the offerings of the competitors as you may end up finding better software by just researching. 

  1. Fragmented Disk

The files which are not arranged properly look very untidy and can affect the functioning. In the same way, the files which are not arranged in the disk space can affect the functioning. Other than just affecting it can also reduce the usable space in the system. When you receive the error of insufficient storage space, it can be due to the usable space being less. In technical terms, this issue is known as a fragmented disk. 

There is nothing to worry about when your disk is fragmented as you can easily defragment it. You can either manually defragment the disk or you can choose to have third-party software to defragment your disk. We would recommend you to use software for this as it makes the process very simple. With just a few clicks you can easily defragment your disk and make the space in the disk available or usable. 

If you wish to use the manual method for defragmentation then follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Click on the Windows option from the bottom left screen
  • In the search bar, type defragment. A list of options will appear
  • From the list click on the ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ option. 
  • In the next window click on the ‘Optimize’ button. 

This is how you can easily defragment your disk using the manual or inbuilt defragmentation tool. 

  1. Backup 

Backup of the data is very important but when you are running low on data storage then it can become a problem which you need to consider. You may think the computer has a bigger storage space to keep the data, but then the computer also has a limited storage space. You need to be sure about the data you store in the computer as in the long run you might need to remove them. 

If you have stored your mobile phone’s data on the computer then you might later want to delete it. So you can choose a better storage option to store your data. In the same way, you can even save your computer’s data to cloud storage platforms. 

Many cloud storage platforms only require you to pay for the storage space you want. The more storage space you want, the more you have to pay. After you have successfully purchased the plan, you can just upload your data and it will be saved forever until you delete it manually. 

Some of the platforms even offer free space to some extent and then require the user to purchase a plan. 

  • Uninstall Software 

There can be many software which you are not using but they are in your system. You can consider that software as unused software and remove them using the first method. Other than that unused software you may have some software which you use regularly and they work fine. But to have space in the system you need to remove them. 

You might be wondering why? Have you ever noticed some of the files of the software or the software itself keeps on expanding? The expansion of the software will take up a lot of space which you might not even notice. To keep your system free you can have software that takes less space and works better. 

There are alternatives to every software you use. If you wish to keep your system clean you can try and use the software which takes less space. It might be very difficult to change the software you use but, you can also find some better features in the software you choose. For example, if you are using a CCleaner to clean and optimize your PC but you wish to adapt to new software then you can have GlaryUtilities, Clean My PC, or System Mechanic-like software in place of CCleaner. 

  •  System Restore

System restore consists of all the previous version of the files and system settings which were saved earlier. If you wish to restore to the previous version of any software you can perform this by using the system restore. This is a great feature which you can use but it has some disadvantages too. 

The restore keeps adding up which may be another reason behind your insufficient storage error. So if you want empty space in the disk you can easily remove the restore version or you can even restore your software to the previous version. 

  • Recycle Bin

All the files and folders you delete are sent to the recycle bin. You might think that your work is over after you have deleted the files, but in reality, it is not. The files which are stored in the recycle bin can be restored also which means they are not permanently removed from the system. The files are still in the system memory and if you think you have cleared the memory then you are wrong. 

The process of deleting or removing any files from the computer is not complete until you delete the files from the recycle bin too. After you delete the files from the bin then you can consider that you have cleared space. 

  • External Hard Drive

If you are still figuring out the best way to rectify the problem of insufficient storage without removing any file from the hard drive then you can follow this step. In most cases, users keep the important files only but they still get the error of storage space running out. Now to keep those files you need to add another or external storage space where you can easily keep the files stored. 

The external hard drive is the best option that you can choose to save your important files. There are many options available in terms of storage, you can choose to buy the hard drive which suits your storage needs. 

You can easily transfer the files from your computer to the hard drive. You can easily connect your hard drive to the computer you want and access the data without the internet too. All you need to do is just plug the hard drive in and that’s it.

We would recommend you to choose the hard drive and the storage option wisely. If in case you buy a small capacity drive then it might result in filling up fast and you need to buy the drive again. 

Final Words: Causes and Solution to Insufficient Storage Error in PC

By reading the methods listed above you can easily get rid of the error of insufficient storage space. We have listed the best and the easiest methods which you can use to rectify the error. If you wish to use the free methods then you can use them and for the one who can spend money on back up, they can also find the best method to do that.  We hope that you find this article useful in terms of making space in the system or hard drive. If you have any suggestions or queries related to this article, you can write it down in the comments section.