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To be successful, one must always look for methods to put in a lot of effort and dedication since it does not come easily. We’ve seen many successful individuals in our lives who have told us their complete path from nothing to everything, but what we don’t see is their relentless work. Success is simply a phrase that is judged by the amount of money or fame we have in life, but it is so much more.

People who grasp the true meaning of the term “success” recognize that it is not a selfish concept and that it entails benefiting those around us and growing together. Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea is a visionary entrepreneur with a background in law practice who is presently a proponent of Circular Economy as a viable option for the planet’s long-term growth. He is a front-line warrior in the fight to make our earth a more livable place where people stop trashing it.

The notion of Circular Economy is synonymous with a victory since there are no losers in this game. We have been living in a world of linear economy where we continue to waste the items we use instead of thinking about recycling them. This has caused enough harm to the Earth, and it is nearing the conclusion of its natural cycle, which will cause us to suffer.

Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea On’ Circular Economy’

Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is the greatest expert from whom we can readily learn. To promote awareness, he co-founded the American Institute of Circular Economy, where scientists teach everything about the circular economy idea so that others may learn about it and create awareness about it, as well implement this concept in corporations worldwide.

The American Institute of Circular Economy is capable of certifying companies that implement this practice into their operations. Furthermore, the companies he directs or advises are already excelling in the idea of circular economy, where he aligns his business aims with the environment and ensures that the planet Earth does not suffer as a result of the consequences of his activities. By embracing this notion, he has created numerous job possibilities, developed more resources, saved money, and brought about the long-awaited transition on our planet. This is an excellent motivator for other organizations to follow in his footsteps in order to bring about change at a much faster speed.

The Dauro Dorea Foundation

In 2019, Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea founded the Dauro Dorea Foundation, a non for profit entity that main goal is to help people around the world who struggles for better conditions of living and seek an opportunity to leave poverty and other ills of society. Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea initiative came in the exact moment where millions of people live under the poverty line, with no real help from local authorities. Among the projects the Foundation carries on, we highlight fight against child work, urban slavery, and education in Africa.

The philosophy behind the Foundation is that every human being is equal and deserves dignity, respect, and love. The foundation follows no political, religion, or ideological agenda and it is not affiliated with any government.

​Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea as na attorney

Dauro is not only a Circular Economy expert but also a fantastic lawyer who has won cases for numerous high-profile clients. Dauro Löhnhoff Dorea is a senior partner in a general Brazilian practice law firm and a German-Brazilian lawyer and a legal counselor. He has worked as a lawyer for several national and international enterprises, as well as the legal director of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, where he assisted in the easing of the export ban on Brazilian beef in 2004.

Dauro’s work has demonstrated that if you put your mind to it, you can excel in any profession. This approach has also enabled him to help others and promote sustainability via his business. For motivation, one might follow in his footsteps or path.

Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea in the Energy Sector

Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea introduced a new business model for the energy sector, specifically in the oil and gas sector. Indeed, since 2017 he helped a team of experts to devise a startup for connecting large consumer markets to producers in many locations worldwide. His positive outlook on taking part in this industry regardless the hardship and challenges the industry faces has been noticed and is bringing good results as an alternative to the traditional supply chain channels.