Case Erectors Market reached a valuation of US$ 1,630 Mn in 2022

In 2022, the market for case erectors is projected to be worth US$1,630,000,000. The market is anticipated to grow at a 4.6% CAGR from 2022 to 2032 and reach US$ 2,555.7 Million by the end of the assessment period.

During the forecast period, the expansion of the cosmetic sector and rising food and beverage demand are anticipated to have a significant impact on the development of the worldwide case erectors market.

Case Erectors Market – Market Dynamics 

With the inventions of robotics case erectors, it has increased the ergonomics of packaging providing customization of different sizes from the same case erector machine which saves a huge cost of manufacturers for installing different case erectors machines. This has substantially created opportunity for the manufacturers to penetrate into untapped region of developing economies by serving multiple segments of industrial and consumer’s product. 

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Some the key highlighting factor for the growth of case erector market are increasing demand for food and beverages and cosmetic industry in the emerging region. Also, the growth of industrial development such as manufacturing sector has increased the demand of case erector market. 

Government and other regulatory bodies augment the use of paper packaging and immense spending of resources on research and development boost the innovation capacity for case erectors manufacturers. 

Competition Analysis

Prominent case erectors manufacturers are dependent on a host of expansion strategies, ranging from collaborations and partnerships to outright acquisition of small scale and medium scale manufacturers. Besides these strategies, manufacturers are also dependent on introducing new product lines tailor made for specific industries.

Key players in the global case erectors market include:

  • Wexxar/BEL Packaging
  • Lantech
  • Wayne Automation Corporation
  • Combi Packaging System LLC
  • Hamrick Manufacturing & Services
  • WestRock Company
  • Marq Packaging System
  • Lenze
  • FilSilPek
  • Arpac LLC
  • Recopak Machinery PTY Ltd.
  • Pearson Packaging Systems
  • A.B. Sealer Incorporated.

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Major Participants in the Case Erectors Landscape:

  • Lantech is a prominent face in the manufacturing of case erectors. Some of its case erector product offering include: CI-2000 Case Erectors, CI-1000 Case Erectors, C-2000 Case Erectors, C-1000 Case Erectors, C-400 Case Erectors, C-300 Case Erectors, ProfitPack 1, ProfitPack 2, MFC-1000 and MFC-2000 respectively.
  • On similar lines, Wayne Automation Corporation offers case erectors for five key purposes: fully automatic changeover, compact footprint, maximum versatility, maximum speed and specialty applications. Some product lines include the WLRV-CE Case Erector, WMCE Vertical Case Erector, WCE Case Erectors and MOD 8 Case Erectors among others.

Key Segments Profiled In The Global Case Erectors Market

Case Erectors Market by Machine Type:

  • Semi-Automatic Case Erectors
  • Automatic Case Erectors

Case Erectors Market by End Use Type:

  • Case Erectors for Food and Beverages Packaging
  • Case Erectors for Chemical and Petrochemical Packaging
  • Case Erectors for Electronics Packaging
  • Case Erectors for Cosmetics Packaging
  • Case Erectors for Manufacturing
  • Case Erectors for Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Case Erectors for Automobile Manufacturing
  • Case Erectors for Other End Uses

Case Erectors Market by Region:

  • North American Case Erectors Market
  • Latin American Case Erectors Market
  • European Case Erectors Market
  • Asia Pacific Case Erectors Market
  • Middle East and African Case Erectors Market

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