CartonCloud | Soft Solution To Your Hard Problems

CartonCloud works as a 3PL in the logistics business. A third-party logistics provider often does logistics and distribution tasks like packaging, managing inventory, and shipping. With the growth of e-businesses and e-commerce, it is becoming difficult for many companies to manage the supply chain demands of consumers. To efficiently handle consumer demands, businesses look for a third-party logistics company that will promptly and competently manage the storage, packaging, and delivery of goods.

Supply chain business involves complex processes with real-time issues. It necessitates micromanaging tasks such as packaging goods, stocking warehouses, processing orders from suppliers on time, managing transportation, and tracking freight. For all these difficult matters, CartonCloud is the perfect solution. It is a complete package that helps you in warehouse management and the transportation of goods. CartonCloud software ensures a precise, error-free, and organized solution to fulfill the needs of a third party.

Chief Features and Services of CartonCloud

Provision of Precision and Accuracy

With the help of CartonCloud’s robust mobile app, you can quickly and accurately manage your inventory by scanning barcodes on the fly, such as those on warehouse racks and bulk locations. 

Final Phase Delivery

You can assign hundreds of tasks in a matter of seconds, make the best decisions for delivery routes, and record electronic PODs for higher accuracy and quicker invoicing using CartonCloud user-friendly 3PL software.

Less Human Resource Involvement

You can blindly trust the 3PL CartonCloud software, as it is fully automated. It prevents manual data entry. It improves customer connectivity and support by interactive customer support portal.

Developed and maintained by experts

Steve Jobs rightly said, “one person never does great things in business. “A team of people does them.”. CartonCloud is developed by a team of excellent professionals who have studied supply chain management and developed smart and quick solutions. If a customer encounters any problem managing the operations or wants to grow their 3PL business, contact the team of experts, as communication is vital regarding warehouse and freight management solutions. 

Success History

Over 350 logistics companies have benefited from CartonCloud’s support in cutting costs, streamlining administration, boosting productivity, and expanding fleet capacity by the methodology and work processes. The software is meant to make daily logistics tasks easier, saving customers time and letting them make better use of the resources they have.

Cutting Edge Software

With the help of CartonCloud’s powerful 3PL warehouse and transport management software, operations are managed efficiently so that customers can make the most of their resources. The user-friendly desktop and mobile apps can streamline business workflows, improve accuracy, and save precious time.

Reduce Administration

Automated invoicing, software connections and smooth data flow between warehouse and transportation operations can reduce administrative hours by 50 to 80% and eliminate human data entry from paper-based sales orders or shipments. For quicker and more effective order fulfilment, allow the market expert “CartonCloud” to improve your picking precision, reduce mistakes, and streamline delivery.

State of the Art Mobile App Attributes

Resilient barcode scanner

CartonCloud boosts the picking of items with precision and accuracy. To ensure accurate picking and document inventory movement, warehouse personnel can use the CartonCloud mobile app to scan warehouse locations, pallets, and inventory barcodes.

Simplified and Organized Operations

Use FIFO (first in, first out), FEFO (first expired, first out), wave picking, replenishment, and other operations to ensure the warehouse space is right for your inventory.

Manage Inbound and Outbound with a Sigh of Relief

Scan incoming inventory to streamline cross-docking processes, or enter data from an email file and assign it to the loading interface in the Warehouse Management System. Monitor all of your inventory, and streamline warehouse-to-delivery processes.

Get Updates and Reports with a Click

Your data is always current and updated using CartonCloud. Track the movement of inventory, the fulfillment of sales orders, and the delivery of shipments. Customers can access reports and updates anytime and from any location by logging into their customer dashboards.

Try out the Demo Mode

Do you want to explore the functions of our interactive and user-friendly mobile app? Try it out by downloading the free iOS or Android mobile app in demo mode.


It’s not just about being better; it’s about being different. It is the success that you dream of for your business. CartonCloud knows how to make the impossible in the supply chain possible. CartonCloud is a yardstick of quality regarding integrated warehouse and freight management services.