Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE: Best Ever RV in 2022

A lot of new and at the same time precisely the same: Carthago modernizes one of the most popular series of 2022. The chic C-Line is beautiful on the outside and much more modern and practical on the inside.

Furniture architecture, a wellness oasis, and a kitchen in a glossy ivory colour. If you read the descriptions in the Carthago catalogue, you’d think we were talking about a house, not a motorhome. For many travellers, though, the Liner from Carthago is just that: a luxury vacation home on wheels with which a longtime dream can become a reality. And, as with property, renovations are inevitable. That’s why Carthago is currently introducing an upgraded “New Generation” in a chic s-line for the new season. Contact with the RV dealerships in Memphis, Tennessee.

The sense of space is phenomenal.

That’s it: in the premium Aulendorfer class, our 4.9 I LE test car is 7.39 meters long and weighs 4.25 tons, one of the shortest versions of the series. The test car still drove the Series 7 Ducato. According to Carthago, the chic C-Line will come standard on the new Fiat Ducato with Euro 6d engines. In addition, the compact liner shines above all with a phenomenal sense of space.

The living and sleeping areas seem to be spacious and not cramped; each corner is expediently used for a closet, a flap or storage compartment. With the interior concept, Linea Progressiva Carthago designers have created a modern line with a lighter golden acacia wood decor and many white surfaces. Nevertheless, the design is still clearly aimed at an older age group.

New option: a TV cabinet in the bedroom area.

It has, above all, a redesigned kitchen with an adapted form of furniture and a slight elevation. A new practical storage space under the bar, equipped with an easy-care glass surface. It, in turn, in the new generation, is already much more elegant. On the other hand, the kitchen drawers are more expansive, and the new base cabinet has room for a gas oven (910 euros). In the bedroom, in particular, the upper cabinets have a unique, more modern shape. Three shelves have replaced previously large corner compartments arranged one above the other.

The bed area now has an optional TV cabinet (package, 1,350 euros). In addition, all chic C-line models are now available with a front door that has been increased to 63 centimetres. A long list of standard equipment includes full LED headlights, driver and passenger airbags, ALKO chassis, a 90-litre diesel tank, manual air conditioning, a folding bed and 170 litres of freshwater.

The 160 hp diesel. – is a sensible investment.

The Fiat Ducato has a 140 hp diesel engine under the hood. Our test car was equipped with 160 hp, the same “old” 6d TEMP engine. In the latest series, the 160 hp variant will cost an additional 2,150 euros. A good investment, considering the large size and weight of the car.

When the liner comes in motion, you feel right at home. The few noises while driving speak of excellent build quality, and the rearview camera (1,595 euros) allows you to park comfortably. For an additional fee of €5050, the I 4.9 LE is available as a Mercedes Sprinter.


Luxurious, airy and superbly crafted – Carthago has done right by its new generation. A more modern interior is good for the big ship. But if you stay true to the Ducato, you’ll be a little disappointed. Some of the new assistance systems are not currently available for selection.