Carpet Moulds- All You Need to Know!

Your carpets are not supposed to get wet, but unfortunately, they do! And, wet carpets mean a risk of mould infestation. These fungi are harmful to your carpets and health.

Fungi don’t just leave stains on your carpets but also deteriorate them if not cleaned on time. Foul odour and allergies are a few other problems caused by the moulded carpets. In such a situation, availing carpet cleaning Canberrais a must.

However, if you have been dealing with moulded carpets recently, then this blog is for you! Continue reading to know more about carpets and moulds!

How do moulds grow?

Moulds are microscopic in size and are present everywhere even inside your carpets. These fungi remain inactive and just require the right environment for growing.

In just the span of 24 to 36 hours, moulds can start growing in a favourable environment. For becoming active, it just needs moisture, warmth and a food source. If these are present in your carpets, moulds will continue showing up.

The most effective way of preventing carpet moulds is by controlling moisture. When there is no water, the risk of mould and mildew on the carpets gets eliminated.

Why are moulds dangerous?

Moulds are a type of fungi whose spores become airborne. This means you are not safe from the moulds, even if you have not been in contact with the carpets. Here are a few reasons why moulds are dangerous:

  • Health Problems

Moulds can cause a lot of health problems. As the spores can easily enter your system, they can make you sick instantly. One may experience nausea, stomach sickness, headache, breathing issues and so on.

Further, if there are pets and toddlers at your home, they remain at extreme risk of getting sick. As pets and kids have a habit of playing and rolling on the floor, they can easily consume moulds by licking and get seriously ill.

Carpets with moulds release odour, and those who are not allergic can experience mild discomfort because of the smell. Lack of sleep, and discomfort, can weaken your immunity while affecting your productivity.

  • Allergies

Moulds and mildews are the major reason why many people experience an allergic reaction. Being airborne in nature, carpet moulds can easily float and travel around the room.

Once you get in contact with the moulds, you may experience itchiness, breathing issues, skin irritation, sore eyes, runny nose, and discomfort. Some people have more severe allergies than others and may require medical consultation immediately.

  • Damage to Carpets

Aside from being a threat to the health of your loved ones, moulds can do a lot more damage to your valuable carpets.

Moulds start damaging your carpet within just 24 hours. They multiply rapidly and attack wet areas of the carpets. Within just a few days you can start noticing dark spots on the carpets.

As the carpet fibres start decaying, it releases an unpleasant odour. This musty smell can cover your entire room.

Furthermore, if not treated on time with carpet mould remover adelaide  your carpets may become irreversibly damaged!

How do keep carpets safe from moulds?

Moulds and mildew are quite harmful to your carpets and health. Thankfully, there are a lot of preventive measures you can take to keep your carpets safe from mould growth. And a few are mentioned below!

  • Vacuum

Regularly vacuuming is the key to preventing several carpet problems. Your carpets accumulate a lot of organic waste which is a food source for the fungi. So, when you cut off the food supply from your carpets, the risk of mould and mildew growth gets eliminated.

Further, regular vacuuming can also keep pests and bacteria away from the carpets. Therefore, you should make sure to vacuum your carpets at least twice or thrice a week.

  • Deep Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of carpets is highly recommended by the experts. This is important as professional cleaning helps in eliminating bacteria, dirt, allergens and stains from your carpets.

The professional cleaning techniques are advanced and don’t leave your carpets soaking wet. The experts understand how moisture is dangerous for carpets, and thus make sure to reduce the drying time by extracting moisture and using less water.

  • Moisture Control

Keeping moisture in control is one effective way of preventing mould issues in your carpets. Moulds multiply rapidly when they get an ideal condition which consists of warm temperature, oxygen and moisture.

For keeping moulds away from your carpets, it is important to control the moisture of your property. There may be a few fixable issues like leakage and dampness at your property.  Dealing with fixable issues is easy, however; you should consider using dehumidifiers and air conditioners for keeping moisture under control caused by humid climate and heavy rainfall in your region.

  • DIY Hacks

For keeping moulds away from your carpets, you can try several DIY hacks. You can easily find them on the internet.

Among the most effective DIY hacks for carpet mould removal lies, the use of vinegar, store-bought mould removers and baking soda. All you need to do is mix some vinegar and cleaning agent and apply it to the moulded carpets. Rinse it after a few minutes and sprinkle baking soda. Leave it overnight to get rid of the carpet odour.

Feel free to repeat the DIY process, if you don’t get satisfactory results. Else, call professionals for carpet mould removal services!

When to call the professionals?

Calling professionals for carpet moulds is the best decision. They have a better know-how of dealing with different kinds of mould problems.

You should avail professional services when the mould problems are severe, or you need end of lease carpet cleaning . Let professionals restore your carpets to their original look so you can live in a healthy environment.

Final Words

These were a few things you should know if carpet moulds are frequently occurring at your home or office. Make sure to keep your home dry and carpets clean so you can prevent mould growth and health problems!

Get in touch with professionals for expert carpet mould removal services!