Carpet maintenance: How to give it a facelift?

If you want to keep your carpet as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it regularly. You need to do effective carpet cleaning. Whether it’s a rug with short wicks or a shaggy rug, here are some tips for brushing, washing, sanitizing and reviving its colors.

Carpet maintenance: a facelift

To keep your carpet from collecting dust, vacuum it in brushing mode twice a week. However, if you have an oriental or antique rug, avoid brushing mode and vacuum gently. The same goes for a new carpet. During the first few months, he is very likely to fluff. It will therefore be essential to vacuum without using the brush, otherwise you risk damaging it. Also note that a children’s room rug will require special attention knowing the impact that dust mites can have on the little ones.

Even with this, not all dust will be sucked out. We therefore strongly recommend that you shampoo your oval, round or rectangle carpet once a year to get rid of this damn dust. Be careful, however, to use the appropriate products! If you are not sure what you are doing, don’t take the risk and go directly to a professional who will make it look its best before.

To increase the life of your indoor carpet, here is another tip: To remove traces of furniture, it is advisable to use a hot steam iron that you position just above the crushed hairs. With this method, your rug will return to its original shape and look like new! In addition, changing the position of your mat regularly will not leave marks.

Additional tips

If you prefer to clean your carpet yourself, here are some more tips:

– For a white, beige or light shade carpet, dilute a few drops of ammonia in soapy water and scrub the carpet with a cloth dampened in this mixture. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to penetrate well, then rinse with a cloth dampened in lukewarm water. Finally, dab with a dry cloth.

– For a black, brown, or darker rug, dab it with mineral spirits (wear gloves and ventilate the room). Leave on for about 1 hour 30 minutes and rub with a damp cloth. Finally, vacuum.

Note that the term “moisten” means that you should never soak your carpet when you decide to do the big cleaning. A good cleaning is great, but doing it while preserving the color and shine of your living room rug is even better!

Sparkling water applied can revive its color. As well as the water/ammonia mixture (without rinsing). Rubbing hard snow on your carpet, when the weather is right, would have the same properties.

For a total disinfection, use baking soda that you sprinkle on your plain carpet while letting it act. When you finish with a vacuum, you have a new carpet! Feel the ways above are too complicated? Why not leave it all to a quality carpet cleaning service?


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