Why study at a Caribbean medical school after rejection from a stateside medical school?

Most American high school graduates believe that they have a better chance of winning a lottery ticket, a free gift or a higher chance of admission in a degree program other than medical school. When they apply for medical school, they often believe that they will not make it because of stringent admission criteria set by a medical school.

Going through a 4-year premed and that too with a really good GPA isn’t easy at all. Other than that, the fees of American medical schools are expensive, and graduation can take a decade. Considering this, a decade of financial constraints due to the program’s costs and length are worrisome.

Hence, students then consider studying at Caribbean medical schools as they are affordable, and these schools treat premed as an alternative option. Windsor University school of medicine is among those schools and it has a decent ranking.

Reasons why American students should study medicine at a Caribbean medical school

Here are the reasons why American students prefer studying at Windsor University school of medicine:

Admission policies and methods are all-inclusive

The medical college admission test (MCAT) is needed and Caribbean medical schools require it as well. However, admission criteria based on such scores is usually relaxed. Other from that, they also have a relaxed requirement for high school grade point average (GPA).

The admissions committees of these medical schools prefer broader interviewing students. This helps them measure the students’ determination, potential and passing via appropriate interview methods. Even when they graduate, they are assessed intellectually.

Rolling admissions in the months of August and January

The admission cycle of American universities starts in August only. Stateside medical schools follow that pattern too. Candidates who do not make it need to wait the whole year.

Whereas, Caribbean medical schools have a rolling admission system with two intakes in August and January. Sometimes, they brought in students a few weeks before the semester even started. Windsor University School of Medicine also follows the rolling admissions pattern and has a relaxed admission criterion.

Higher rates of acceptance into medical school

Caribbean medical schools have higher acceptance rates because of not just fewer thousand students applying but also due to holistic admission and interview methods. Dedicated students rejected by stateside medical schools eventually opt for Caribbean medical programs and graduate to become exceptional physicians as well.

They have accelerated programs of study

Medical schools in the Caribbean offer accelerated programs of study through delivery agreements with post-secondary institutions in the United States. Students completing this program can gain admission in Caribbean medical schools which can potentially save two years in medical school transition. Windsor offers this with ease.

Stateside clinical rotations are offered

Top Caribbean medical schools have a network of clinical affiliates based in the United States of America, and some of these slots are reserved. Windsor University School of Medicine also offers this and this is helpful for American students studying there. This gives them a chance to work in the American healthcare setup after graduating from Windsor.

Graduates Windsor University school of medicine and other Caribbean medical schools are successful

Caribbean medical schools are known to have a relaxed admission process. At the same time, they also manage to produce some of the best graduates ever. Windsor University of School of Medicine has a good residency match rate which helps graduates get opportunities for work at U.S healthcare instituitions.

Nations of the Caribbean are a tropical paradise

The island nations of the Caribbean are one of the most beautiful islands in the world. They are tropical heaven where the sands of the beaches are pristine gold in color and the water is crystal clear. Having a clean environment with a good human development, the U.S Dollar is widely accepted, used and circulated. 

Flights to mainland USA are available always which give no jet lag and American culture is followed widely in the Caribbean. People of the Caribbean are jovial, and friendly. The weather is pleasant, the food is delicious, and the weather is always pleasant.


One of the best things about Caribbean medical schools is that they have been improving over the course of time. The improvements made have been monumental and reflect the hard work they have been putting in improving themselves. American students should study there without any hesitation.

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