Top 10 High Paying Career Options for Science and Math Students


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Teaching jobs in Singapore has a growing demand as many are interested in this field and students are in dire need of help as well. This is the prime reason why science online tuition has also become famous and many parents and students are exploring these options more now. Being a part-time science tutor is a good way to earn money as well as to reinforce the basics that you’ve once learnt.


If we continue on this line of new age careers, a career in data science will also be high paying. Data science is the study of various types of data using different scientific methods, algorithms and models. Data analysis and interpretation is very useful for many companies as accurate analysis will practically be able to predict the future to a certain degree of accuracy.

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Students will have to get a degree in computer science with post graduate courses in data science or a degree in data sciences itself.


With everyone being surrounded by their handheld gadgets, the demand for software engineering has been booming over the past few years. Software engineering requires a lot of innovation, creativity and perseverance.

Students who are interested in coding and letting their imagination flow are best suited for this career. Similar to other jobs involving technology, a degree in computer science or a degree in computer engineering is required.


The first three careers suggested may make it seem like only jobs related to technology are high paying. However, the sciences are very broad and there are other classic careers that still remain as high paying. One such career is being a physicist.

Physicists can either be experimental or theoretical depending on what the students aim to achieve. Experimental physicists focus more on the applications of physics to daily life while theoretical physicists focus on trying to uncover the mysteries of Physics itself. Both require a degree in Physics.


Another physics related high paying career is astronomy and astrophysics. They study all the celestial structures seen in the night sky along with recording their movements, characteristics and attempt to interpret all these data.  The main aim is to both protect the Earth from any potential harm from outer space and to attempt to understand the meaning behind our universe.

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There are multiple pathways to enter this career depending on which part the student is interested in. Students can get a degree in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautical engineering, etc.


As opposed to astronomers and astrophysicists who study what is going on in outer space, geoscientists study the Earth. The Earth may seem like just a floating ball of rock in space but it is in fact very complicated.

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Geoscientists may include geologists, geochemists, seismologists, geoengineers and many other branches. Geoscientists can work both outdoors or in the laboratory. Students will have to choose which branch they are interested to join and choose their major accordingly.


Good healthcare is essential to ensure the success of a society. Healthcare related careers thus, have been known to be well paid since the beginning. This includes all types of doctors, nurses and medical scientists.

However, medicine is a very competitive major to get into and is also considered to be one of the more stressful degrees to obtain. Thus, students need to be mentally prepared for all the hardships that they will face during their studies.


Most companies will be prepared to pay a lot to receive help from a professional to help them make financial decisions to ensure that their businesses do not fail. This means that entire businesses will depend on a group of actuarial Mathematicians to make the right decision.

Actuarial Mathematicians will have to be experts in statistics, Mathematics and financial theories. Students will have to either take a major in Mathematics or applied Mathematics.


Actuarial Mathematicians and data science analysts have very specific jobs which may be useful for businesses. Economists, however, look at the big picture as a whole and try to analyse how the society works.


Economics can also be done theoretically or practically similar to Physics and they can work for governments, research firms and many other organizations. Students can either take a major in Economics or take it as their second major along with primary majors such as Mathematics or Finance.


In the line of science and math, Mathematicians also get paid to either apply the concepts to the practical world or help to solve the mysteries of the subject itself. Depending on the country, applied Mathematicians may get paid more than their theoretical counterpart and vice versa.

Theoretical Mathematicians generally either enter academics or research meanwhile applied Mathematicians can choose to work in a variety of other fields.