Car Wash Services

What does one mean by dry car wash services?

A dry car wash is basically a service where a car is washed and cleaned without the use of water as the main primary product but with the use of other waterless products. 

This method has been in the news for a while considering that water-free products have become the norm in the market and with service providers now offering doorstep services, such methods are becoming more and more accepted by car washing services and customers alike.

How to clean your car using your water-free products?

To get a dry car wash done, you can go ahead with any water-free product that’s available online or in the market and also keep a micro fiber cloth handy. Apply the solution to the microfibre cloth and there are some products that can also be directly sprayed onto the surface of the car first and then you can use the microfibre cloth to clean the surface of the car. Always make sure that while cleaning, you wipe always in one direction (right to left).

The properties of water-free wash products

•They do not leave marks and dry very quickly: any liquid, including water, that remains on the car’s surface for too long, causes annoying marks and residues, particularly visible on black bodywork

They contain emulsified waxes: this allows you to obtain a polishing and protective effect, as well as clean the surface

• The surfactants they contain are biodegradable: the product residues that will remain on the cloth, once the car is cleaned, will be eliminated with a normal wash. In any case, the use of biodegradable surfactants guarantees maximum environmental compatibility

•They are made with water: The absence of abrasives and the minimal presence of solvents guarantee maximum safety on any kind of plastic and metal surface

Giving your car a dry wash is a lengthier process than a regular car wash but it has its own set of benefits as well:

–        One can wash their car wherever they feel like and don’t need to depend on the availability of a water source

–        Car dry wash is very impactful on the environment by ensuring that there is no water wastage

–        Dry wash products allow for a shinier surface of your paint

–        One can always ensure all parts of the car are cleaned and washed with dry car wash products.

Most water-based car washes use up to anywhere between 200-300 liters of water while a dry car wash will use not more than 0.1L of water in the formula for the product. We can go on and on about the benefits of using a dry car wash but you have to experience it first hand to know the benefits.

Most online car washing centers these days are providing doorstep car wash services and these waterless products have allowed them to make sure that they don’t need a water resource around to go ahead and continue with their work at the customer’s doorstep.

Car detailing and cleaning is more effective with a waterless car wash. As you only require dry car washing kits and a few towels to execute a car wash, you can take the DIY (Do It Yourself) route in dire situations. However, it is recommended to choose a reliable car cleaning and detailing services company as their skilled technicians can quickly restore your vehicle’s look (using environment-friendly means). A waterless car wash is instrumental in removing dirt on the car without wasting liters of water! Car detailing – a cleaning procedure for removing stubborn stains from the car’s interior and exterior, can complement the advantages of a dry car wash.