Car detailing to keep your car maintained

Car detailing involves extremely detailed cleaning and polishing and then waxing. This is all over the car from both inside and outside to show case a quality detailing of the car. You can do the detailing for your personal satisfaction or to prepare your car for any car rallies where your car would be featured. Detailing not only improves the appearance of the cars. It also helps in preserving the car and thus the car can have increased resale value.

You can contact anyone who is in the car detailing business to do your car detailing. The person would detail your car from outside as well as from inside. In outside or the exterior detailing your car is cleaned and a shine is brought to the car’s paint, the windscreen and the windows. Even the wheels and the tyres are cleaned and polished.

There are some key processes and methods

How is this done? When you take your car to the car detailing business shop, your car is taken to the washing bay, for proper care of the tyres, wheels, bumpers, doorjambs, grills, and all the other hidden spots of the car during the washing of the car. Then the exteriors and the tyres are cleaned to remove any bugs, road tar and other things. There are many things that can be trapped in them. The next step that the detailers will undertake is the evaluation of the paint of the car. This is to decide the procedure as to how they will polish your car paint. Also, on how they will buff it to make the paint finish as original as possible.

The workshop then uses various types of polishes with power buffer and foam pads to remove the scuffs, scratches, and any other minor imperfections present in the paint. The detailer decides the products that he has to use depending upon the condition of the paint of your car. After a sequence of steps, you get a glossy, smooth paint finish and your car exterior becomes almost same, as it was when you bought it.

Next steps

The next step is to apply quality wax on the surface to protect the paint from the grim and dirt. A single or double coat of polish is applied to the exteriors by hand. The last step of the exterior detailing is to polish all the exterior trimmings, and the rubber pieces of your automobile, including the door handles, the windows rubber trimmings, and finally the polishing of the glass.


After the exterior comes the interior detailing. In the car detailing business the Interior detailing involves the cleaning from the inside the passenger compartment. This is achieved with the help of vacuuming, Steam cleaning, brushing, and liquid cleaning to remove the stains on the interior upholstery. The complete car detailing takes almost a day to complete and lasts for nearly 8 -12 months.

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