Before humans get sick they get symptoms related to their health issues. Just like humans, car battery also shows signs that something is wrong but being humans we tend to ignore it. Paying no attention to signs of your car battery can lead to major damage which can cost your time and money. Batteries don’t last forever but you can maximize the lifespan by paying attention to the common flags that lead to complicated issues.

On average a car battery lasts up to 3 to 5 years. At some point in time, your car battery may start to degrade and shows warning signs that means it is time for car battery replacement. Here are few warnings that your car may show that your car battery has started to fail:- 

  1. Dim headlights

When a car battery is failing that means headlights cannot come into their full power. If headlights are not bright as they used to be then you might need to check your battery. The dim headlight means that energy that was thought to be going into the battery from the charging system isn’t getting there so eventually you need to replace the car battery

  • Slow engine crank 

Drivers are usually familiar with their car sounds. If your battery is taking time to get a start or cranking the engine that means your battery is slowly dying. Sometimes if you have kept your car parked for a longer period, then there is a good chance that the battery is discharging as it is sat unused. Try turning your key as many times you want but still, it slowly cranks then you can try jump-starting your car. But in the end, it is better to contact your mechanic.  

  • Glitches in electrical components 

A car battery powers every electrical component such as headlights, air conditioning, windshield wipers, dashboard lights, radio etc. A weak battery won’t be able to run the electronic components at their full power. If your car components are acting up then you should check your car battery. 

  • Out of shape battery

A car battery contains a chemical reaction of water and sulfuric acid and sometimes it can go wrong. The battery case can swell, bloat or deform due to extreme weather conditions. In winter the battery may freeze and swells in excessive heat. When this happens you cannot recover the battery you need to replace it. 

  • Unpleasant smell 

A car battery contains sulfuric acid, so a leaking or damaged car battery can release an unpleasant smell that comes from the acid. Get your car battery checked if this happens. Never drive your car with a leaking battery as you could put yours and others life in danger as they are flammable and emit toxic fumes. 

  • Keeping lights on

The car battery may also die because you just left your car lights on. It can be overnight or for a week, in that case, it will drain your battery. The lights in the vehicle are critical and if you keep your exterior lights on then it may burn out your car. This can happen to anyone, so recharge or replace your battery if needed and try to pay attention in near future. 

  • Corroded battery terminals

Do you remember the last time you inspected your car battery? If no, then turn your key and pop your hood to look at the battery. If you see heavy corrosion at the positive terminal of the battery that means it is emitting acidic fumes or leaking. Corrosion on the battery terminals is common with battery ageing that means it can lead to starting issues and failure. If there is heavy corrosion then it is better to replace the car battery

  • Old battery

The car battery only lasts about three to five years. Then car battery life starts to degrade due to exposure to extreme climate conditions and driving habits. The old battery reaches its limit and doesn’t have enough energy to power the car. When the battery reaches the three to five years mark then it is better to get tested. 


Replacing a car battery is a part of routine maintenance. Sometimes a bad alternator can also cause problems to the car. Car battery warnings should be paid attention to save car from any sort of backfiring in near future.

By paying attention you can get plenty of time to recharge or replace the car battery. If you don’t want to get stranded in an unknown place then take your car to the nearest mechanic as soon as you notice the warning signs above mentioned.