Car accident attorney proving liability in court in Kent

We all somehow get caught up in unwanted situations; one such situation is a car accident. It can be due to fault at your end or another driver’s end but proving that in the court of law can be tedious. The Kent car accident attorney helps establish liability in such a case. Let’s know more about it in this blog-

1. Duty of care-

The utmost important factor is proving that the driver at fault owes you a duty without which you can not claim compensation. The lawyer helps you confirm that the other driver owes you a duty of care and is responsible for your injuries or car damage.

2. Breach of duty

As per this, the erring party failed to comply with the road’s safety norms, like paying attention to the pedestrians, other vehicles on the streets and driving within the speed limit. Staying in one lane and switching lanes carefully, leaving an appropriate distance between the cars, obeying traffic rules, traffic lights, and signs are also part of the “duty of care.”

3. Cause of injury

For the person to claim compensation, you must link the breach of duty to the injuries suffered by the patients. In this scenario, the attorney can call expert witnesses or car accident reconstruction specialists to connect the accident to the injury and the damage.

4. Damages

You must prove that the injuries suffered are due to negligence by another person. One of the best ways to do this is by giving the victim’s medical records. The victim suffers monetary losses and injuries too, which accounts for economic damages. At the same time, the non-economic damages are the ones, which can not be calculated in money like pain, suffering, compensation for the lost limb, and emotional trauma. The attorney helps calculate all the damages. 

5. Calculate negligence

After collecting all the evidence against the faulty driver, the next step is to calculate failure. The jury often employs the “reasonable man” test based on what an average person would do in the same circumstance. In this, too, the attorney helps.


Accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone, so be prepared for the losses and look forward to finding the situation. If needed, seek the help of your car accident attorney. But throughout this process, stay calm so that you can make wise decisions Learn More