Capitalising On An Ecommerce Grant

In Singapore, a total revenue of USD2,784 m has been credited to ecommerce, a raise of 9.1% year-on-year. Within this sum, electronic devices and media formed the largest slice with USD1,996 m. In addition, customer adoption in Singapore stands at 70%, suggesting that 7 in 10 Singaporeans have shopped on the internet in the current period.

No matter which way you slice it, an e-commerce website that is fully functional and attractive is critical during these times. Thankfully, the Singapore government does offer an ecommerce grant for any business owner in need of having their online store setup. As part of this grant, you will have the opportunity to engage a web design agency in Singapore to assist you with the development of your e-commerce site.

Web design agencies prefer Woo Commerce

What is Woo Commerce? For starters, it isn’t a standalone website designer. Instead, it’s an open-source WordPress plugin. This suggests that as opposed to signing up for a solitary hosting-to-checkout platform, WooCommerce functions as a third-party plug-in within the grander system of WordPress.

First, customers need to obtain hosting services from a web hosting company. Next, they install and set up WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). After building out the website design making use of a theme and boosting functionality, protection, and features with plugins, the individual then installs and customises WooCommerce to manage the e-commerce feature of the site.

Simply put, WooCommerce only works as a builder for the ecommerce portion of the website.

But what you can construct with it is quite outstanding as it operates with both tangible and digital products.

Web design agencies ensure mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness should be a given in existing times. Given that Google has shifted to mobile first indexing, if your website is not mobile adaptive, then it will certainly not place well. Typical mobile adaptiveness issues consist of:

  • Content being too near to each other
  • Material being wider than the breadth of the display
  • Inappropriate sequencing of the content

Beyond testing on several display resolutions, you can additionally make use of Google’s Lighthouse application to obtain insight

Avoiding orphaned pages

These web pages in web design terms would be orphaned web pages. They technically are present on your website and can be crawled by search crawlers. Nonetheless, there are no links or user trip pathways from other parts of the internet site to it. This means that unless individuals get in from this web page, they would have no means of reaching it.

To help avoid orphaned web pages from occurring, we suggest drawing up all user journeys and menus. This would aid you plan all pages on your web site and to make sure a customer pathway exists to it.