CapCut Instant Filters: Applying Stunning Looks with a Single Tap

Filters are a convenient way to enhance the visual appearance of your video content. It is thus no wonder that they have become so popular among creatives and social media platforms. 

However, if you believe you have seen all there is to video filters, CapCut will surprise you. This free online video editor by Bytedance has an impressively large selection of filters that you have probably not encountered on social media channels. They range from the simple and common to the stylish and unique, and then some.

Tired of editing your videos with the same old filters? Read on and let’s discuss how CapCut instant filters can bring your video editing back to life in just one tap. 

What Are CapCut Instant Filters?

Filters are ready-made video effects that you can apply to your videos to: 

  • Enhance their overall appearance
  • Set a specific mood 
  • Enhance the way settings, objects, or people appear in a video

CapCut instant fillers fit this description but earn their name from the fact that you can apply them to videos in exactly one tap. 

What Distinguishes CapCut Filters?

You can easily find filters on social media platforms, phones, cameras, or other editing platforms. So, what makes CapCut filters worth considering?


The filter collection on CapCut is so vast that you can make countless videos without exhausting your options. They are also conveniently classified into themed categories which makes it easier to find filters that are relevant to the niche of video content you are editing.


When you select a filter, the CapCut video editor applies it to your video immediately. This allows you to preview how the filter would alter your video. You can then decide if the filter is a suitable fit or if you would prefer to explore other options. 

Edit Options

Have you ever used a filter and thought that perhaps it would look much better if the lighting was just a bit different or the colors were a smidge brighter? 

Well, CapCut seems to have heard your lamentations. It provides two types of editing options to help you achieve the exact filter look that you need.

The first edit option appears when you select a filter. It is a cursor that enables you to increase or decrease the intensity of the filter. 

The second option is to use the ‘Adjust’ menu after you select and apply a filter. It provides different color-grading options that you can select and adjust until you achieve the exact filter appearance you had in mind. 

Custom Application

CapCut allows you to use multiple filters on one video. This can be an interesting way to create a unique filter for your content. 

Additionally, you also have the discretion to decide how to apply the filters to your video. You can apply them to the whole video, sections of the video, or even use specific filters at different sections of the video. 

Applying CapCut Instant Filters to Videos

Ready to elevate your video’s look? Here is how to do that with CapCut filters. 

Import Your Video

Click on the ‘+’ and select the video to which you would like to add filters. CapCut will then load it onto the video editor.

Add a Filter

  • Select the ‘Filters’ option on the menu. 
  • Scroll through the option to find a suitable option.

  • Select your preferred filter
  • Click the tick mark to apply it to your video

Consider Editing

When you click on a filter, you will notice that an adjustable cursor pops up beneath the filter options. You can use it to adjust the intensity of the filter. This is, however, entirely optional.  

Protips on Using CapCut Instant Filters

Less Is More

When using filter effects, moderation matters. Trying to combine too many of them or opting for too much intensity can degrade instead of elevating the appearance of your video. 

Explore Your Options

Lots of editors or content creators try to use filters as a way to conceal blemishes or transform parts of a video that are unappealing. This can work in some instances, but it does not often produce quality work. 

If you find yourself in such a bind, consider exploring other tools on CapCut such as the video background remover or adding stickers to the video. They do a much better job of concealing the unsightly. You can then perfect it all by using filters tastefully. 

Bookmark Your Favorites

Finding the right filter from the multitude of options is quite rewarding. So, when you do, be sure to bookmark it for future projects. This is especially useful if you create a custom filter by combining multiple filters or if you choose to customize a filter using the color grading tools. 

Review the Effect

Watch your video after applying filters to see how it all works together. More so if you have used different filters at different sections of the video. Further, ensure that your filters do not limit the visibility of any important details in the video like your logo or subtitles.

To Sum It Up

Creating video content can be a rather unpredictable ride. Great lighting can suddenly change, colors may not be captured as brilliantly as you prefer, and the right ambiance can get elusive. Simple, transformative editing solutions like CapCut filters are, therefore, a great trick to have up your sleeve if you are to keep up with the ever-growing content creation.