Capabilities of the latest Tableau version

Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of the latest Tableau version and understand how it became the best tool in the market.

  • Interactive Data Visualisation Capabilities

Visualizing is at the top of the list when we talk about the benefits of Tableau. Compared to the various software in the market that compete with it, Tableau offers the best quality in terms of data visualization. Additionally, products from IBM, Oracle, or other traditional BI vendors have difficulty competing with the performance, design, and illustration offered by Tableau.

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Further, Tableau helps in converting statistical data into understandable and logical formats, which include interactive, functional, and appealing dashboards. These dashboards offer distinct graphics, and they are easy-to-use for business organizations. Tableau also provides data blending and complex computing to create user-friendly data visualizations. Moreover, you can make use of Tableau’s drag-and-drop features, making it comfortable for the users.

  • Use of Several Scripting Languages

To utilize this data visualization tool to the fullest, you can use R, Python, and other languages so that you can prevent complex calculations and performance problems. With the help of the Python script, you will be able to eliminate the software load through data cleansing processes, using various Python packages. However, Python is not Tableau’s original scripting language, which is why you will have to import a few visuals and packages to use this language.

  • Improved Business Efficiency

Tableau allows team leaders to access data and gain insights into their business operations and gauge the results. Further, they will be able to recognize numerous business opportunities. Several organizations use this tool to build a collaborative environment in various departments and build respective models. 

  • Data-driven Organizational Decisions

With error-free business data and improved and faster reporting services, organizations can make better decisions. This feature of Tableau will help business professionals make custom mobile dashboards, which allow them to view real-time data forecasts before they enter for meetings with probable clients. These dashboards will help understand the demands of the clients and provide updated data. Managers and project leaders are no longer required to wait for reports, which eliminates the possible risk of working with outdated data.

  • Better Consumer Experience

Business Intelligence has the capability of impacting its users directly, which is why customer satisfaction becomes a significant factor. Using Tableau, you can build thousands of dashboards for the employees of your company that will retrieve data from several business operations. Further, you can collect information via chat support, provide better solutions through chat responses in the future, and recognize the ways to improve your organization’s services. In turn, this will improve customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction

With the help of Tableau, Analysts and IT professionals need not spend as much time while acknowledging or responding to requests from business users. The departments in the organization that cannot access their respective data without the help of the IT team or Analysts gain the ability to perform data analysis without any difficulty using this tool. This Business Intelligence tool aims to offer a scalable design that provides data solutions to those departments that require it. Moreover, it imparts an intuitive and seamless experience for both technical and non-technical users. This makes it essential for you and the other employees at your workplace to learn Tableau through Intellipaat’s Tableau certification course.

  • Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendliness is among the best features of the Tableau BI tool. Tableau offers efficient and user-friendly mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. This feature adds mobility for the customers, allowing them to access their data and statistics at the touch of a button. Moreover, this mobile version of Tableau supports all the functionalities that can be achieved in the online and desktop versions of this tool.

  • Several Connections for Data Source

Tableau allows you to establish connects with numerous data sources like SAP, Hadoop, database technologies, etc. that improve the quality of data analytics and further, helps you develop an informative and unified dashboard. This dashboard will give you access to the necessary data.