Canwell Media’s Latest Project: Pushing Boundaries in Commercial Filmmaking with an Ambitious Shoot in Antarctica


Canwell Media, a well-known media team recognized for producing high-quality commercial content, has announced its latest project. They plan to travel to Antarctica with the Poseidon Expeditions to capture footage for a commercial. The project is considered ambitious and challenging, as Antarctica is one of the most remote and harsh environments on the planet. The Canwell Media team, including fine art photographer Artem Shestakov and filmmaker Quinn Halleck, will be responsible for capturing footage for the video.

Halleck’s commercial shoot for Poseidon Expedition is a testament to his skill as a filmmaker, influenced by his experience working under Michael Bay. His passion for filmmaking is evident in the final product. The project demonstrates Canwell Media’s commitment to producing visually stunning and emotionally resonant content.

Poseidon Expeditions is renowned for delivering high-quality experiences in polar expeditions. The Canwell Media team will work closely with the Poseidon crew to overcome the challenges posed by the harsh environment and capture the beauty and majesty of Antarctica. They will use specialized equipment and techniques, and also have the opportunity to interact with the unique wildlife that calls Antarctica home.

The logistics involved in such a project are significant due to the remote location, extreme weather conditions, and living and working on a ship for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, the Canwell Media team has a reputation for delivering high-quality content under challenging circumstances.

In conclusion, Canwell Media’s latest project is inspiring and ambitious, showcasing the beauty and majesty of one of the planet’s most unique regions. The team is well-equipped to handle the challenges, and the resulting commercial promises to be visually stunning and emotionally resonant.