Canvas Backpacks vs. Leather Backpacks: Which Is Best for You

If you are shopping for a backpack, there are many factors you have to keep in mind. Besides the size, color, and style, the material is one of the most crucial factors that can determine your decision. Out of the many backpack materials in the market, canvas and leather are the two most popular options. 

Both leather and canvas backpacks are great choices. However, each material has its pros and cons. If you are stuck choosing between a canvas and leather backpack, here is a detailed comparison of these two materials. By the end of this article, you will be able to identify which backpack material is best for you. 

canvas backpack

Canvas Backpacks 

Canvas, as a material, has been around for decades. It’s a plain-woven fabric that is more durable than most backpack materials. The fibers used to make canvas flex to accommodate the size and weight of your belongings. Therefore, canvas backpacks are capable of carrying more items than the regular bag. 

Compared to leather, Canvas backpacks are lighter and much easier to carry around for longer hours. This appeals heavily to travel enthusiasts and adventurists. Also, canvas is eco-friendlier than leather because no animal has to die for you to be able to carry luggage. If you are a champion for animal rights, your research should stop here. 

A while back, canvas was only available in a brownish fabric. But today, you can get in a wide range of colors and designs. Therefore, a canvas backpack can help you make a fashion statement. Also, if you would like to enjoy waterproof capabilities, you can opt for a waxed canvas backpack. If you are interested in a quality canvas backpack, has got an impressive collection that will spice up your accessories wardrobe. 

Pros of Canvas Backpacks

• They are lighter compared to leather backpacks. 

• You can get a canvas backpack in a wide range of styles and shapes. 

• The canvas material is pretty durable and it can carry heavy items. 

• It’s fashionable. 

• Canvas backpacks are super easy to clean and need minimal maintenance. 

• It’s an eco-friendly material. 

• Canvas backpacks can be waterproofed. 


• They only blend with casual outfits. 

• Not as strong as leather. 

leather backpack

Leather Backpacks 

One of the things that makes leather backpacks standout is that they are quite durable. Apart from durability, leather backpacks have a timeless design. Their appearance is a bit more sophisticated than most fabrics. Due to its design, leather can match most outfits including formal wear. With a leather backpack, you can use it to accessorize your favorite suit or tux. 

The use of leather, however, is endangering to animals. That’s because leather is made out of animal skin. It’s not an eco-friendly backpack material and the worst part is that you will pay more for it. Leather backpacks also need a lot of maintenance. You have to clean and moisturize the bag frequently to retain its quality finish. Don’t forget that leather is also difficult to repair when it gets torn or scratched.

Pros of Leather Backpacks 

• They will last for years. 

• Leather backpacks have a timeless design. 

• It looks great with formal and casual wear. 


• It’s not eco-friendly. 

• Leather backpacks are extremely difficult to maintain as compared to canvas. 

• They are not easy to repair when damaged. 

• Leather products are generally more costly. 

Canvas Backpacks vs Leather Backpacks: Which is Better? 

From the overview of both canvas and leather backpacks, there is no doubt that both materials have interesting features. However, canvas backpacks happen to have more pros than their leather counterpart. Canvas backpacks aren’t only lighter to carry and easier to maintain, but they are environmentally friendlier. 

In the manufacturing of canvas backpacks, no animal has to die for you to be able to carry your belongings. As if that’s not enough, canvas backpacks are more comfortable to carry around as compared to leather. Most people have also realized that canvas backpacks are more versatile. You can carry these bags to work, school, and even on adventures such as hikes and camping. 

The Bottom Line 

It’s pretty clear that Canvas backpacks are better than leather backpacks. If you are looking for a lightweight backpack that’s eco-friendly, fashionable, and easy to clean, head out to and check out their stylish and high-quality canvas backpacks.