Cancel Laundry Day! Aloha Laundry Life Debuts New On-Demand Services App

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – In March 2022, real estate investor CheRon Robinson met with Daniel Ellis, CEO of Aloha Laundry Life, and was offered a licensing business opportunity that allowed her to own a territory and eventually provide laundry pick-up and delivery service in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was all done through an app similar to Uber Eats or Instacart; making laundry as easy as ordering a pizza or having any item delivered.

Since then, Aloha Laundry Life has continued to grow its network of laundry service providers and expand its services into new markets across the country. 

“This has been such a remarkable opportunity to partner with like-minded individuals,” says Robinson. 

Aloha Laundry Life is an online marketplace that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners generate revenue by providing laundry services. Its Virtual Laundromat platform has the unique capability to connect on-demand laundry services with laundromats. It helps laundromats provide customers with pick-up and delivery services without the hassle of adding employees and fleet vehicles in addition to the deployment of a POS software. 

Currently, Aloha Laundry Life offers services in 10 states nationwide for both commercial and residential clients. Monthly service subscriptions are also available. Powered by Laundry University, Aloha is able to train and deliver high-quality laundry service. 

“My goal as an owner is to make Aloha Laundry Life a household name,” says Robinson. “We desire for our customers to save time by ordering an easy Concierge Laundry Service via an app or website within hours we will provide a professionally trained Laundry Operator to pick up their order. I envision Aloha Laundry as the Insta-to laundry service. We will have a marketplace for laundromats and dry cleaners to attract more businesses using our virtual platform. Helping a mom or dad or a young college student become their own entrepreneur and create their own virtual laundry service company is what I consider success.”

Aloha Laundry Life is a network of laundry service providers dedicated to delivering clean. We work with local operators to deliver personal care to your laundry. 



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