Canada A Dream Destination For Everyone

Canada is one of the most desirable places to migrate because of its stable economy and overwhelming atmosphere. It is also the first choice for most of the immigrants who want to live and settle outside their country. The transparency and various option offered by the Canadian Immigration Authority makes this country even more desirable to move to. Palma Airport Transfers is the best point to move from our country to canada and other countries.

There are a lot of options available in the Canada PR Process for immigrants who want to apply for a PR visa. All the programs offered by the Canadian Government goes through a point-based system for the evaluation of the applicant’s profile. This point-based evaluation system is known as the Canada PR Points system. 

But before we dive into the Canada PR Points system in detail. Let us first talk about the different options available for immigrants in the Canada PR Process. There are mainly three types of programs available that applicants usually opt to apply for PR Visa. They are:

Express Entry Program

Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Express Entry Program:

Express Entry Program is the most known program for a PR visa. This program uses a point-based system for the selection of the best-skilled candidate. The Canadian Immigration Authority places a draw for the selection of candidates every year and the point for which the candidate profile is selected changes every year. Once your profile is selected, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), then you can further proceed for PR Visa.

The processing time for this visa category is approximately 5 to 6 months.

Provincial Nominee Program:

One other way to apply for a Canadian PR Visa is to get a nomination from one of the provinces in Canada. This PNP not only gives a separate option for PR but also improves your chances of getting a PR through Express Entry. If you get a nomination from one of the provinces, you automatically get entitled to 600 points on your profile in the Express Entry pool. This program is usually opted by the applicant who is not able to get the cutoff in the express entry draw. The main aim of PNP is to get skilled workers in their province because theses provinces usually have skill shortages.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

 This is one of the Provincial Nominee Program. If you are willing to move to Quebec then this is the best option for you. This program is launched by the Canadian Government to complete the need of skilled professionals in Quebec province. A Quebec Selection Certificate is given to applicants who have applied under this program. An applicant with a job offer is certainly given priority status by the province but it is not mandatory to have a job offer to apply under this program. The same point-based system is used for the evaluation of applicant profile as used in the Express Entry Program. 

Now let’s talk about the Canada PR Points system:

For evaluation of the profile, Canada uses a point-based system. The points are given on the basis of criteria like:


Educational qualification

Working Experience

Language Proficiency

The applicant’s profile must at least score 67 points. This is the minimum score requirement for the candidate to enter the Express Entry pool. 

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