Can You Use Laminate in a Commercial Office

Over the last decade, offices have started to evolve in their interior design. Although we will probably never go back to the model of having personal offices decked out in luxury gear (except for those top ballers among us) we have seen the working space become more well thought out and aesthetically designed. 

As we remove dingy cubicles and add a splash of colour to the interior palette of the workspace, what’s the future of thin nylon carpets? We know that flooring makes a huge difference to a room and can really transform a space – but can laminate work in an office space? 

Is Laminate Appropriate For The Office? 

Laminate flooring can be a great choice for office spaces. Not only is laminate a durable surface, it is also easy to clean, unlike your average office carpet! Compared to traditional nylon carpets that are used in offices, build up of grime and dirt is almost impossible on laminate when it’s cleaned frequently.

Not only does this mean that the office will look, and be, cleaner – it will also help to prevent any nasty smells or sticky patches which we’ve all run into in offices before. 

Sleek Office Aesthetics 

Nylon carpets are built for function, not to look pretty. When you’re looking to make an office look better, a better quality carpet just isn’t appropriate. High quality carpet will easily get damaged in an office environment, and since it’s hard to clean and people wear their shoes in the office, germs and dirt can build up easily. 

For offices that are looking to incorporate more fun and funky interior design to inspire their workers and make the office a more enticing place to be – laminate has that aesthetic value which can’t be matched by a budget carpet. Laminate flooring also comes in a wide range of colours and styles so it’s easy to select a look that complements all kinds of office decor. 

People are also much more aware these days of how natural materials and surfaces benefit mental wellbeing. Since laminate mimics natural wood, it can make a space feel more open and less constricting – leading to better motivated employees. 

Budget Friendly Flooring 

Another benefit of laminate flooring in the office is that it is still budget friendly. While it may cost more than some budget carpets, it is often much cheaper than engineered wood or solid wood options. When offices have a large area to cover, or a smaller budget for decorating then laminate is the answer. 

Potential Issues For Laminate in the Office 

Laminate flooring can be a noisier surface than carpet. Not only does the smooth surface reflect noise waves, but footsteps – particularly ones taken in heels – will make a lot more noise than they would on carpet that would absorb these sounds. 

Noise shouldn’t necessarily put you off using laminate in the office, not only do the potential benefits outweigh the negatives but there are also ways you can mitigate noise issues. You can, for example, install an underlayment beneath the laminate to help absorb sound and reduce noise. 

Laminate flooring that has a thicker wear layer can also help reduce noise. You can also use rugs or other sound-absorbing materials around the office. These tips can help minimise noise associated with laminate floors in the office. 

Is Laminate Safe for the Office? 

Laminate flooring can be considered a safe choice for office spaces. Since it is made from composite wood materials that have been bonded together with adhesives, the final product is covered with a wear layer which protects the underlying material. 

So long as you buy laminate from a reputable seller, you can be assured that it will be safe for the office. You may need to consider additional safety measures around slips and wet floors, however, to make sure you comply with all health and safety regulations. 


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