Can you make money using a crypto mining app for Bee Coins and Pi Coin Network?

While we watch the stock market stay stagnant, crypto currency is literally on fire increasing in value daily. The crypto market however is unpredictable so investing a lot of money can be risky. How do you get in to a new crypto without spending a dime? Well, two new companies have made it easy to mine their coins. 

Let me back up first. Before a crypto hits the market (meaning it is available to the public for buying and selling) it goes through what is called a “mining” period. This is when developers run computer programs to create the crypto before it is available for sale. It can be a complicated process requiring super computers running 24/7 in order to become profitable to the miner which makes mining not for everyone. We can also buy bitcoin with Neteller very easily these days.

Two companies solved this complicated mining process opening up an opportunity to people with little or no technical know-how by creating an app that automatically mines crypto every 24 hours just by pressing a button. You don’t even need to keep the app open for it to continue to mine crypto coins for you.

The first app is called Pi Network. Pi is a brand-new crypto currency not yet available to purchase on the open market. You can download their app and mine Pi coins every 24 hours just by hitting a button. When Pi currency hits the market, every miner will have a stake in it that has a monetary value attached to each coin. It’s like receiving free money! Yes of course it is also possible that this crypto will not hit the market and die before it goes live, however you have nothing to lose by hitting a button every day. After all, if you got into bitcoin mining in 2013 you would be a multimillionaire! To sign up for Pi Network you need a referral code and can use mine freelanceweb.

The second app that can be download and used to mine crypto is called Make sure that you use referral code freelanceweb to join my mining team. It is the same concept as Pi, however the app is a little more user friendly but with less options. Bee coins are mined the same way using an app and hitting the mining button once every 24 hours. You get more tokens per hour based on how many people are on your team. This app is free and is gaining serious attention with almost 10 million users mining. The more miners that sign up the faster this crypto hits the market. Get in on this now and start creating free money.

The risk that these crypto currencies won’t hit the market is low. Millions of people are using both apps to mine which has generated enough interest to fuel the fire and make these coins hot. Some will say that they are both a scam, but how can it be a scam when there is literally no cost to mine these coins? 

Where investing money into crypto currency has historically been viewed as risky, mining new crypto really isn’t. 

To find both mining apps search the following in Google Play or the Apple Store:

Pi Network – referral code freelanceweb – referral code freelanceweb