Can you get in trouble when you buy Instagram followers in the UK, Canada or Australia?

What you need to know if you plan to buy Instagram followers in the UK, Australia, or Canada

If you’re looking for a quick, and relatively cheap, way to boost your instagram presence- buying followers on Instagram in Canada, Australia, or the UK can seem like a pretty enticing option. But are there any downsides to this practice? And could you get into serious trouble if you do?

Here’s everything you need to know about what buying followers can, and most definitely can’t, do for you and your instagram account.

What Can’t (and Can) Happen When You Buy Instagram Followers in Australia

Buying Instagram followers in Australia isn’t really subject to any exceptional legislation- meaning you’ll not soon find Australian laws that don’t apply to most other countries. When it comes to purchasing Instagram followers in Australia though:

  • You can’t get arrested
  • You can’t stop building

Both hold true. There is no specific law against buying them, but – if you don;t attend to your account properly, both before and after purchase, you could lose a ton of your credibility, brand authority, and any followers you may have built organically. So for a company, If you just buy Instagram followers from Australia, then advertise your products using stale content, that won’t work. You’ll have to stay focused and keep building. Placing renewed focus on creating engaging content, posting regularly, and interacting directly with followers that like, comment, tag and share.

What Can’t Happen When You Buy Instagram Followers in the UK

The UK is a massive hub for everyday instagram users and instagram based businesses. With a massive active follower base, many businesses can tap into and grow their brands- utilizing one of the most well-respected trendsetting countries on earth.

  • You can’t fool algorithms
  • You can gain social proof

So while just buying Instagram followers from the UK won’t automatically put your account on top of the charts, it can definitely help improve your social proof and influential value. Most algorithms take many different performance metrics into consideration- things like engagements, post quality, reels and stories, and a number of other different content and follower based drivers. Which means that your sheer number of followers may not boost your ranking score for performance. What it can do is show a potential audience that you offer a quality product or service that hundreds of other people are interested in as well.

What Can’t (and Can) Happen When you Buy Instagram Followers in Canada

Again, Canada is also pretty similar to most other countries when it comes to Instagram’s standard operating TOS. While it is not considered a fraudulent business practice to purchase Instagram followers from Canada, and might make it more difficult to get your account verified, Instagram definitely won’t ban you.

  • You can’t get banned
  • You can lose organic followers

However, they can delete any inactive followers they find. Especially as the app tried to crack down on bots and aggressive following tactics. So if you’re buying followers from a sketchy provider,you may end up paying for a number of accounts that won’t be following you for long. If your organic followers find out you’ve purchased a load of fakes, they might lose faith in your brand, which means they could go elsewhere, or it may alienate them from your brand entirely. So sometimes it’s better to buy small increments of fake followers over time, instead of bombarding your account with thousands of new followers all in one go. So there can definitely be some downsides to buying followers on Instagram in Canada, it’s not actually all bad. And you surely won’t be getting arrested for it any time soon.