Can You Carpet a Spiral Staircase?

How do you carpet a spiral staircase? The stair tread of a Circular Stair Carpet is carpeted with an area rug. A carpeted area rug can come in handy because it will catch the dirt, as well as crumbs and other marks that are left behind. It is important to pick out a rug that will be able to protect the carpeting underneath from any damage. This is especially true if children are going down the stairs.

Measure the tread length of your staircase!

First, you need to measure the tread length of your staircase. You do this by measuring across the top of the stair tread in half. You then take the distance between the top of the first landing and the wall to get the measurement for the next set of steps. The carpet area rug you choose should be about twice as long as the measurement for the staircase. Remember to allow for extra material that is rolled under the carpeting as well.

Carpet the surrounding steps!

If possible you should also carpet the surrounding steps. If you can’t do this, you should at least consider putting rugs down on each of the treads. You will need to decide where you want to place the rugs; on the floor or in a closet.¬†

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

You can put rugs down directly on the stairs!

This gives you a great opportunity to use up all the extra carpeting. However, you need to make sure that the carpeting you buy is thick enough. You don’t want the carpeting to fall through the cracks as it moves up and down the stairs. Also, you need to be careful that it doesn’t move too much as you walk; this can cause a lot of friction between the carpeting and the steps. Another of the carpeting tips for stairs that you will need to follow is to leave at least one inch between the bottom of the steps and the ceiling.

The carpeting in staircases is slightly different than carpeting in other areas!

Can you carpet a spiral staircase? If you have trodden on your stairs, you can put carpeting down there. It is important to note that carpeting in staircases is slightly different than carpeting in other areas. You need to remember that staircases have a higher density than the rest of the house. When you are thinking of laying carpet in a spiral staircase, think about how many twists and turns the carpet will have. The more twists and turns, the carpet will have, the more wear it will have to withstand.

When you are buying carpet for stairs, make sure that it is the right density. There are many carpeting products out there that aren’t very dense, which means that they won’t stand up to the pressure of the stairs. When you are buying a carpet for stairs, make sure that you choose a product that is specifically made for stairs. If you have tacked on your stairs, you will also need to buy carpeting that is specifically made for tacks.

Before you install any type of carpeting, you need to think about where it will go. For example, if you have a circular staircase, you will want to buy a¬†Circular Stair Carpet¬†for your stairs. Also, make sure that you don’t carpet too much, or else it will bunch up. If you have straight stairs, you will probably want to keep carpeting away from them, because carpeting does not adhere well to wood. However, if you have an odd-shaped stairway, you may be able to fit carpeting through it.


When you are thinking about carpeting and stairs, there are many considerations. For a spiral staircase, is the best option. Other considerations include the type of carpet you buy. You should keep in mind the traffic patterns, the dimensions of your staircases, and the way that your carpet is laid. Make sure that the carpet you choose will last for many years to come.