Can You Balance the Expenses and Comfort When Visiting London?

When visiting a capital city, the question is whether you should spend more on accommodation or save money for shopping. When someone says it’s not possible to travel to London on a budget, they are probably right. Even if you save some money, you will have to set for average accommodation or even under-average transport options.

So, what to do?

Is it worth hiring a chauffeur company London service, or saving money using buses? Or, can you save on hotel stays if you choose private accommodation in less-busy parts of the city?

The key is finding the balance, which depends on what you plan to do while in London. If you want to visit the popular attractions and lesser-known hidden spots, then you won’t spend much money on that. Some of those visits and sightseeing are for free, and for others, you will have to pay a few Pounds. That means you can feel free to hire some luxury car service London company for an enhanced experience and find nice and cosy accommodation for a more affordable price.

Indeed, we have a few tips on how to improve the overall London experience and get the most out of your visit while still balancing your expenses. Keep in mind that our suggestions are more focused on how to adjust the money according to the preferences instead of saving them or travelling on a budget.

1. Consider Transfer and Commuting as More Flexible Expense

London is a busy city, just like any other capital in the world. That means a taxi can be quite costly, and you won’t get immediate service as you arrive. We suggest booking a luxury airport transfers London company and spending money on quality service.

It’s the most convenient way to arrive at your apartment or hotel immediately without waiting for hours or pushing your luggage all the way. This is one of the things you should afford to spend more money on because it saves you time and allows you to have a comfortable ride simultaneously.

2. Plan on Visiting Closer Attractions

If you need to spend a few days in London, we suggest planning your daily activities according to their distance. Don’t try to see everything in a day or two, because you will spend a lot of money and still won’t be able to enjoy your stay.

Instead, explore the closest attractions to your hotel or accommodation. Find those that you can access by walking. Instead of staying in a traffic jam, you can pass through the busy roads and visit a bunch of attractions at once.

For example, if you are in Kensington, you can visit the Victoria and Albert Museum with the National History Museum and then have a walk in Hyde Park.

If you plan to visit the Tower of London, ensure you go to London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s the same with Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. Plan in a bunch, not separate locations on separate days.

3. Rent a Bike

Bikes are a pretty simple and convenient solution if you don’t plan on long-distance adventures. The best thing is that you can rent a bike for just a few pounds and use it throughout the whole day.

If you want to keep it for all the days you stay in London, you need to sign a contract and then bring the bike back before you leave.

It’s good to read more about London’s bike stations that work with a coin, and you need to take it back after your cycle.

4. Be Careful With Your Meals

If you stay at a hotel, you usually have at least breakfast for the price. If you want to eat outside, you will spend about 30-35 British Pounds on food, especially if you go to popular restaurant chains.

You can balance these expenses too, because there are less popular, but still excellent pubs and corners. If you use private accommodation, you may prepare your food because groceries are pretty cheap compared to pre-made meals.

5. Learn What is the Oyster Card

This is a card you can use for public transport in London. Even though you are planning on chauffeur services for airport pick up, the Oyster card is something you can use while you stay in London. Surely, public transport can be pretty busy, but sometimes it’s necessary to use it.

Ensure you buy a Visitor Oyster Card since the price for travelling is significantly lower when you have it.

Our Final Words

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to plan your London trip and consider the most optimal options to stay within your budget limits. You don’t have to set for less. You need to balance the expenses and determine which parts of your trip are worth more money and which can be done on a budget.


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