Can You Attain Natural And Fast Weight Loss?

Understandably, achieving a nice figure without fat-burning pills seems incredible. However, it is possible. So, yes, you can reach fast weight loss and in the most natural way.

Now, you wonder how such a feat would be possible, where you are almost always engrossed in work. Where is the time to cook healthy meals? Or even exercise?

Look on the bright side!

At PHD Weight Loss, we have helped several clients reach a desirable weight loss across Charlotte, Belmont, Davidson, Matthews, Ballantyne, Fort Mill, Cornelious. We did all that by reducing pills and all sorts of medications.

We can help you too. But you must be proactive about the process with the five hacks we have listed below. That’s how to lose weight fast!

5 Practical Hacks To Help You Attain Fast Weight Loss

Start Your Day With Protein

Indeed, you are late for work and would prefer to grab junk on the sidewalk downtown. Don’t!

Instead, have protein as your breakfast. Proteins help to reduce ghrelin – the hunger hormone. As such, you will feel full and less agitated to munch on snacks.

The best part: the hunger-ridding effect of protein can last for several hours. That is why we are recommending it for your breakfast.

If you don’t know what protein to eat for breakfast, try chia seed pudding and eggs. Don’t have the time to cook?

Get one of the several barbecued sandwiches in downtown Charlotte!

Be Mindful About What You Eat

Don’t stop at your breakfast; carefully plan how you eat throughout the day. Particularly, pay attention to where you eat.

Regardless, take time to enjoy your meal – and do it slowly. When you do, you will quench the urge to eat more or often.

About that, avoid eating in your car, at your desk, or while watching TV. Instead, dedicate your time to soak in the tastiness of your food.

Say you must eat out; be picky about where to dine. Find a restaurant that dishes nutritious meals away from all the noise and business – steer clear of sidewalk dining.

More importantly, replace carb contents with natural and fibrous substitutes. For example, eat fruits instead of sugary snacks.

Adopt Intermittent Fasting

For starters, intermittent fasting is different from conventional fasting. So, don’t fret about the inconveniences or stomach conditions.

More so, the emphasis on intermittent fasting is to reduce the time spent on meals. Another consideration with this approach is your daily food intake.

In other words, you will only be spacing out how you eat instead of not eating at all. So, how can you go about this intermittent fasting?

  • 16/8 approach: you fast for 16hours and eat only within an 8hour window.
  • Alternate day approach: you fast every other day. Note that you should still eat during the fasting days, but limit it to a max of 30% of your usual food intake.
  • 5/2days approach – for every 5days, fast for 2days. Like the alternate-day system, you will also eat on fasting days. But, limit your food intake to a max of 600 calories.

Assist Your Digestion

You are probably thinking of exercising. Yes, do that. Go to Falls Park On The Reeding or the pedestrian-friendly streets across (list locations)_

Assist your digestion by taking food that contains gut-friendly bacteria. When you do, your body will process food fast and save you the deposition.

So, what food contains gut-friendly bacteria?

  • Fermented foods: yogurt and kimchi. Kimchi, in particular, has anti-obesity properties.
  • Prebiotic foods: examples are avocados and garlic.

Get Adequate Rest

While 8 hours of sleep at night might not be achievable, ensure you get at least a 5-hour rest. When you do, your body will burn food fast to energy.

Furthermore, sound sleep also regulates ghrelin. More importantly, it helps to manage stress.

Overall, be mindful about your food, have a meal plan, and get enough rest. That’s how to lose weight fast summarily!

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