Can Weak Eyesight Be Treated With Ayurveda?

Our eyes happen to be one of the most crucial sense organs, they are our gateway to the colors, bright, moving world around us. Medically, they reflect our overall inner health and reflect what is right and wrong with our systems. Weak eyes may signify constant stress, overexposure to unhealthy elements, bad food habits, and prolonged carelessness for one’s own health. Whatever stress you take upon yourself, if it is straining your eyes it is more than your body can take. If you visit a conventional eye hospital they will probably prescribe glasses and some multivitamins to take care of your present problem. 

But can that improve your weak eyesight? Can it recover the strength your eye muscles lost to constant stress? Probably not. However, if you visit an Ayurvedic eye hospital it may help you with all these things. The Indian science of healing offers a way out of the unending plight of weak eyesight. It can help in reducing your number and even recover the lost health through its methods and medicines. There are various Ayurveda eye hospital, Delhi, Chennai, Kerala, and various other parts of India. How can they help? Here is a small insight into it. 

In Ayurveda, the eyes are referred to as a Kapha-dominated organ. When the Kapha dosha is in balance, the eyes are clear and healthy with long eyelashes. But when the effect of Pitta dosha increases, our eyes get itchy, red, and oversensitive to light and normal air. And if they suffer from vitiation of Vata dosha, they become dry, small, and nervous. Since eyes are delicate and a distinct system in itself, Ayurveda eye hospital, has dedicated a different stature to its health, diseases, maintenance, and treatment. The Shalakya tantra is the Vedic book that talks about various eye ailments, their natural treatment, recovery, and healthy maintenance of the eyes. It is basically the Ayurvedic ophthalmology that is studied and practiced by Ayurvedic ophthalmologists for years. 

Ayurvedic Reasons For Weak Eyesight

Ayurveda suggests that heat and mental weakness as the primary reasons for weak eyesight. When you suffer from a common cold, the dreary matter wiped from your eyes and nose can have a strong impact on your eyesight. Similarly, people who suffer from sinus-related issues often complain about weak eyesight after a point in time.  Long working hours in front of a screen, TV watching, nonstop pursuing of intense light, unhealthy food habits, digestive turmoils, insufficiency of vitamins, and lifestyle propensities are some of the common reasons behind the weakening of eyesight. 

How does Ayurveda deal With Weak Eyesight?

Ayurveda eye hospital focuses on careful and healthy consideration of eyesight. It resolves the problem by recognizing the root cause that weakened it. If it is a digestive problem, it will work on that, if it is mental and emotional turmoil it will help the patient with that and if it is bad food habits and lifestyle, it will work accordingly. There are various approaches that are involved in the Ayurvedic treatment for eyes. It may either be resolved with therapies like Panchakarma or through administration of herbal eye drops, improving diet, simplifying lifestyle or just some basic yoga exercises that improve the blood and oxygen circulation through the eyes. 

Then there are a few tips and remedies that Ayurveda prescribe for the healthy maintenance of the eyes:

  • Every morning as you wake up, fill your mouth with some water, close your eyes and sprinkle some water for approx. 10-15 times. Ayurvedic lifestyle also demands people to wake up early in the morning and not to use hot water to wash their eyes.
  • It is also advised to avoid washing of eyes when one is sweating especially after strenuous workouts. Even if you were out in the sun for long or in some hot environment, avoid washing your eyes immediately as you move out of that.
  • It is advised to focus on the consumption of vitamin-based food items like carrots and cabbage. It is crude to consume them crude and if you want to drink their juice independently, make sure you do it from time to time.
  • Regular exercise especially yoga and meditation are recommended for eyesight.