Can We Connect AirPods To Laptop

AirPods are some of the best sounding devices which is why most people use them over anything. They sound absolutely fantastic whether you are listening to music or talking to someone moreover the ease of access that they offer is incredible. You can connect them with any of your Apple devices with just a one-click but sadly this is not the case with every device like Windows laptops or Android phones.  The Ecosystem that Apple has created since the beginning of their company is great as you can see the majority of people using Apple devices. While they are certainly expensive but that does not bother them for buying their products.

Apple devices work best with other Apple devices whenever you connect them because it’s a part of their ecosystem but that is not the case with every other device. First of all, connecting an Apple device to something that is out of its ecosystem is not very easy you have to work around with various ways in order to connect them but even once you have connected the devices with each other you still experience interruptions like connection loss or worse quality than the one you get when you pair the same device with an Apple product.

Unfortunately, the same story goes with Apple AirPods if you are using them with any other product other than Apple but you can still connect them with your regular everyday working laptop if you are in dire need of connecting them to each other however connecting them is not as easy as you thought that it would be. Since Apple AirPods works wirelessly which means that you cannot connect them using any wires other than charging them. In this article, we are taking a look at How to connect AirPods To Laptop or Can We Connect AirPods To Laptop. So let’s take a look at this and figure it out.

How To Connect AirPods to Laptop:-

Apple devices work best in their ecosystem so connecting the AirPods to an iPhone or a MacBook or an IPad or any other Apple device is very easy as you just have to bring the two devices near to each other and it will automatically recognize and connect them with each other. This Does not mean that you cannot use Apple devices outside of their walls in fact you can use them just like you would use them on your Apple device although the experience will be a little different. So here are some of the steps enlisted that you have to take in order to connect the Apple AirPods and a laptop with each other. Moreover, if you have a Dell laptop and want to Connect Your Airpods To Dell Laptop then must read our guide.

This method works with only windows 8, 10, or above if you are running a different version other than these there is a completely different procedure for this and there is a high chance that the Apple AirPods will not even connect at all.

  • So first of all you need to enable Bluetooth on your laptop and when once enabled through the quick settings. Pick up your AirPods and bring them near the laptop.
  • Now open the settings application on your laptop and navigate the network and Bluetooth option.
  • Select the option and then a list of options would appear on the right side and then you have to search for the option Add a Device. Once located select the option and a window will pop up saying searching for Bluetooth devices.
  • Now pick up your AirPods and press the button on the case to turn on the Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and your AirPods will appear in that window then just click on them and it will automatically pair them.

Now just open any of your music files or watch movies because your AirPods are successfully connected to your Laptop.