Can Vegan Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and these beans are obtained from a cocoa tree which is native to Mexico. So if the question arises, Can a vegan eat chocolate? then the answer is obviously a Yes. The chocolates made for vegans are animal-friendly products and are labeled as “dairy free”. So vegans can without any doubt eat these chocolates. They just need to check the ingredients and choose the one which doesn’t contain milk products.  

It is basically a plant based food that is safe to eat for a vegan. The cocoa beans are roasted, cracked and then deshelled to make chocolates. It is converted into a powdered form and then some ingredients and flavours are added to the powder which makes different chocolates. The chocolates may taste a bit bitter or can be completely sweet depending upon the amount of cocoa and sweet added to it. 

Types of Chocolates

There are many different types of chocolates which are produced by varying quantities of different ingredients. Here are the three major types of chocolates which are most popular in the market.   

Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is made from cocoa solid and cocoa butter that is 100% free of milk products. It is the most basic type of chocolate that can be eaten by a vegan. They are made from dairy free products and are also known as plain chocolate made using a higher percentage of cocoa. They are specially made for vegans, but some dark chocolates even contain different ingredients and dairy products for which you need to check the list of ingredients before picking it.   

Milk Chocolate

The type of chocolate which is made from added milk is milk chocolate. In this the milk can be added in powdered form or liquid form and even condensed milk is also used to make the chocolate. If you are a vegan then you need to avoid this one. It is a solid chocolate confectionery that contains cocoa, sugar and milk to make a delicious chocolate bar which is available in a variety of forms. 

White Chocolate

White chocolate is pale ivory in color that is made using cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and vanilla. It doesn’t contain cocoa solids and it is technically not considered a chocolate. The reason is that chocolates are made from cocoa content but as this one does not include any such ingredient it is technically not a chocolate but is considered as a chocolate. Some added flavour makes the confectionary more interesting and amazing. 

Which One is Favourable for Vegans?

As mentioned above, the chocolates that can be consumed by vegans are dark chocolate. They are made without any added ingredients that come from animals such as milk products. Choosing a chocolate that is made from high-quality dark chocolate is a great option for vegans. The chocolates that are made from more than 50% of cocoa content are the ones that you should look for. 

If you are not interested in the plain super dark chocolate then you should go for those that include dry fruits, nuts and almonds, mints and other flavours that are vegan-friendly. As dark chocolate is bitter in taste some milk products, caramel and truffles are added to it that makes it sweeter in taste. So don’t just blindly rely on dark chocolate, double check the ingredients to be sure that the chocolate is eligible to consume. well you can buy dark chocolate online at cheap price if you love to eat chocolates.   

There are even variations in choices of a vegan. Some even consider refined sugar as animal byproducts and they don’t choose to eat them. Therefore many vegans don’t prefer to consume chocolates as they have added sugar in it or it may have some of the milk ingredients which is non-favourable for vegans.

Which One to Choose?     

Some multinational brands and companies manufacture chocolates by keeping in mind the desires of a vegan. These chocolates include cocoa butter, fruits and nuts, mint and some other fruit ingredients which gives it a great taste. The chocolates are labelled as ‘dairy free’ so that you can consume it without any hesitation. 

If you still have a doubt then you can go through the list of ingredients and verify it. You can consume it if you find it suitable. Therefore we come to a conclusion that vegans can eat chocolates that are free of milk products and certain flavours. They can even use the raw chocolate or plain chocolate in food processing to make a great recipe with it. The unique lifestyle and diet of a vegan will not be distured if they consume raw or dark chocolate.   

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