Can Using CBN for Sleep Help?

There are many positive stories about using weed for your health regarding mental, pain, and sleep. It all depends on the chemicals called cannabinoids. These range from cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabinol (CBN).

Of course, THC is very psychoactive while the other two are not, thus not causing a high. However, with recent changes in the law using cannabis, there is a high demand for CBD. Still, another one has recently been making its way onto the CBN market. Manufacturers advertise it as a pain, anxiety reliever, and sleep aid.

On the other hand, can using CBN for sleep really help you get some ZZZs? Let’s find out.

CBN is Less Psychoactive

You find CBN is aged samples of cannabis as the THC degrades, forming cannabinol. According to studies, cannabinoid has some health benefits and are mostly done on animals but not humans. Still, there is no evidence in any literature that it helps with sleep in animals or humans.

However, what it can do to help enhance sleep is that it reduces your psychological arousal caused by pain, stress, and more at bedtime. Therefore, it is an essential factor if you want to get some sleep. So what is CBN? One thing it is:

·   It acts as an anti-inflammatory similar to using CBG oil and can help reduce pain to get you to sleep.

·   Some studies showed in rats that it gives a mechanical stimulation and might ease withdrawal symptoms.

Thus, comparing it to rodent tests might help humans relieve pain before bed. Yet, you need to note that you can achieve the same effects without using chemicals doing wind-down routines and relaxation exercises.

So What Should You Do

There is no evidence yet related to CBN helping you to sleep. However, it does not mean you cannot try it. When you think each person is not the same and find different things that help make them go to sleep. So, if CBN can make you feel relaxed, go for it after consulting your doctor.

Another notable thing is if you do not respond well to melatonin, one of the most-hyped sleep aids, CBN might be a better option. According to some people using the product Sandland you do not have the same hangover effect.

No one wants to go to sleep struggling, falling asleep, and feeling groggy. For example, Sandland CBN only has small amounts of melatonin to emulate how your body naturally produces it. Therefore, the small amount combined with CBN makes a huge difference, as you do not feel groggy the next day.

In addition, the more research that is taking place you see CBN now available in edibles, vapes, to tinctures. You also find it used in combination with THC in gummies. So try it and see for yourself if it is worth using for sleeping.